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10 Aug
Card challenge for July 08 - Tombow pens
Card challenge for July 08 – Tombow pens

OK so here I am trying ever so hard to create a gallery where I can post all my photo’s for you to view but I’m not getting anywhere fast.  So until I can work it all out I will just slap the pic’s in here with my posts for now.  The card above was for my July card challenge using Tombow Dual Brush pens.  I was really worried about getting it done so I procrastinated right up to the last minute then was surprised at how well it came out.  It’s just a simple sweet little card.  I used the Tombows to colour the rubber stamp which I’d never done before.  I love the effect and will be definetely buying some Tombows for my own stash.  All the tools and materials used were from the Kaszazz range as it was a consultant card challenge group.  The Challenge for this month is the Adirondack Paint Dabbers so I’ll have to find some inspiration and start creating.

On Friday night I held a 5PQ Workshop where we made Ooh La La cards using various techniques like embossing, stamping, punching and so on.  Here’s a pic…
5PQ Ohh La La Cards
5PQ Ohh La La Cards

Wow you have no idea how long it’s taken me to get these photo’s sorted – I wish I knew what I was doing instead of just learning as I go.  Hopefully this post will come out looking ok, apologies if it doesn’t!

Check back later for some pictures of my upcoming workshops

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