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12 Aug

I just got my first comment (yay) from my illustrious leader Sharynne – thanks lovey!  Ok so I’m taking it on board and going to post some more pic’s up here.  First cab off the rank is this one

Loverly Hang It

Loverly Hang It

it’s the Loverly Hang It for my workshop I’m holding this Saturday.  This was meant to be a Happy Hang It but my customers and I really weren’t that taken with the Happy design and colours so I choose to use the Loverly Pebbles kit instead.  I had to match up the right shade of blue and orange Bazzill and found that Cantaloupe and Starmist a perfect fit.  So girls that are coming on Saturday I hope this gives you an idea of the photo’s to bring.  You could add photo’s later too if you’ve nothing to suit right now.

As I type this I’ve got one eye on the computer and one eye on the cat.  I’m baby siting my “brother-in-law’s” kitten, Monty while they go for a holiday to Queensland.  The reason I use the inverted commas is because technically he’s not my brother in law but it’s just easier to use that term rather than say my partners, sisters boyfriend!  Monty is a cute little black cat and so far the dogs and one cat have made friends with him, but poor old Scratchy is a bit of a grump when it comes to new faces, they are currently sorting it out in the kitchen – I can hear hissing and growling!

Back to scrappin’.  Next is some pic’s of Christmas Card workshops, first one is the lovely Castaway Christmas Cards.

Castaway Christmas Cards

Castaway Christmas Cards

These cards feature a lot of embossing, including embossing on vellum which gives a gorgeous frosty look.  I love these cards as it’s nice to see colours other than the traditional red and green.  That said check out these cool Distress Ink Christmas cards.

Distress Ink Christmas Cards

Distress Ink Christmas CardsAnd I thought Distress Inks only came in brown tones! I have to aplogise for the hiddeous blue background. I was in a hurrry to take these photo's so I could post them so I didn't really put much thought into compositon, background and lighting. Will try better next time guys :o) One last photo, yes it's another card workshop; Brayer Cards. If you're wondering what a brayer is (like I did when I first heard of it) it's like a hard rubber roller that you use to flatten out bubbles between your papers you're sticking together or to use with inks to even distribute the ink onto the stamp etc. These cards are one of my fave workshops as I just love the technique and the fabulous results. You may not see it very well in my photo but the cards have a glossy coloured finish with pale rubber stamped images showing through. You'll just have to come to the workshop and see for yourself, I promise you will be impressed. And it's a bargain, only $20 to learn the secrets of this fabulous technique. I'm putting up two photo's, one with the coloured card base and one with black card base as some people prefer one over the other. Let me know what you think looks better?Brayer Cards - Coloured BaseBrayer Cards - Black Base

Well I think that’s it for me this evening.  My poor little brain is tuckered out! G’night all and I hope some of you will leave a little comment and let me know what you think of my blog, or the cards or anything you want to talk about!

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