Mr Monty

13 Aug

Little mister Monty cat has settled right in.  I hope he doesn’t think he’s here to stay!  He is so terribly cute though, but I must think of my other fur kids especially ol’ grey Scratchy as he’s not very happy about our latest visitor.

This morning I had a friend over to scrap and I finally did something will the left overs from the Cheeky Surprise Box.  I made a few cards and I still have heaps of patterned paper left.  The Surprises Boxes are a Kaszazzitem and they are only $9.95ea which is cheap as chips when you see how much paper you’re left with.  Great value and perfect as a gift.  I thought the colours in the pack would be perfect for some fun photo’s of all my girl friends.  The boxes are available in many different colour schemes and a little birdie told me there will be new ones coming out very soon!  Find them on page 3 of the Kaszazz Catalogue.  Here is a pic of the completed box..

and here are the cards I’ve made so far with the left overs

 Not bad huh?  I’ve also got a photo of the very first workshop I taught which was the Stand Up Page featuring the large F chipboard.  My customers chose their own feature word to suit their photo whether it be Friends or Family.  They all came out looking fabulous and I think a few were surprised at what they were able to achieve.  I had a great time teaching it too.  I used a photo of my granma, cousin and I taken on Christmas Day 2007.  I used Photoshop Elements to change it into Sepia after discovering the sepia button on the Big W photo kiosk didn’t give a very good result.  I found the instructions on the Internet (where else?) and they were easy to follow.  I’ll definitely be referring back to them the next time I need something in sepia.

Stand Up Page

Stand Up Page

It’s great to create Beyond The Page projects that you put out on display rather than sticking pages in an album that only comes out occasionally.

Well I guess I’d better pay some bills, how exciting!  I got my tax back today which was a nice surprise as I didn’t expect it back so soon – thankyou The Tax Shop!  And it looks like rain so I best run out and get the washing off the line, God knows where I’m going to put it all.



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