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14 Aug

I need more boots, like the knee high variety.  I have one pair of black knee highs that are very well worn, they have been re-soled once already and I don’t think they are going to hang on much longer.  I think I need more shoes in general but I just can’t find anything in the shops that I’m totally happy with.  It’s frustrating.

Last night I got everything organised for the workshop Saturday.  Looking forward to it as I have two new customers coming to play, yay.  Have decided I should post some pictures of my original work and not just Kaszazz stuff in case people are getting a bit sick of it all!  So back to trying to take decent photo’s of my work.  I think I need to create some kinda backdrop – any suggestions people?  Maybe I should google it, I love google, you can find anything with it and if you don’t it’s prob ‘cos you spelt it wrong ha ha.

I’ve been adding links left right and centre to some talented, crafty bloggers so check them out if you get a chance.  It’s amazing how many cool people there are floating around the web.  Never a dull moment hey?

Oooh I just remembered to give a little plug to Craft Alive– yes it’s coming back to Shepparton on the last weekend of August.  I’m very excited as we (Kaszazz) are having a stand with displays and Make and Takes.  I’ll be working the Saturday 29th so stop by and say hello if you’re in the neighborhood.  I haven’t been to a craft fair for way too long.  Paperific is also coming up in October in Melbourne so I might have to go check it out as I’ve never been to that one.  Better start saving up my pennies.

Yesterday when I was at home James and I saw Huey’s Cooking Adventures on telly and he made a Banana Bread and Butter Pudding in the microwave.  It looked so yummy I thought we’d try it out.  Well of course we didn’t write the recipe down as Huey made it so I thought I’d just get it off his website but shock horror you have to be a paying member to access the recipes!  Thought that was a bit cheeky.  Anyway we managed to remember most of the ingredients and measurements and I can tell you it came out perfect.  It was so easy to throw together and tasted yummo.  Here’s our version…

Microwave Banana Bread and Butter Pudding

Toast 6 slices of bread and let cool before buttering generously.  Cut into fingers then into squares.  Place in a microwave safe dish (that fit’s in your microwave – very important!) butter side up.  Slice up thickly 2 or 3 bananas and scatter over toast.  In a bowl whisk 2 eggs, about 450-500ml milk, a good sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon, and around 1/2 cup brown sugar (just check this as we’re not quite sure – will amendnext time I make it).  In another small jug mix a bit of milk with about 2tbsp of cornflour and whisk into main mixture.  Pour this all over the bananas and toast and push down a little.  Pop into a microwave oven on high for about 8 minutes then check it.  If it still seems very runny pop it back in for a few more minutes.  When you take it out let it rest about 5 minutes which will help set it.  Eat with vanilla icecream or double thick cream or both!  Yum.

Let me know what you think.  I’ll try to take a photo of what’s left and post it in here too.  I must confess I did have some for breakfast minus the icecream and cream though!  I don’t usually use the microwave much for cooking more for just re-heating as I’ve never been satisfied with the results but this one came out perfect.

Happy eatin’



2 Responses to “random stuff”

  1. Mal August 19, 2008 at 3:31 pm #

    Thanks for posting the Bread & Butter Pudding recipe. I saw it on TV too that week, and just looked for recipe now to find it locked. Your ingredients sound about right from memory. I hope to try it out tonight.

    I was going to use some left over raisen toast for the bread. I’ve never made B&B Pudding before, so I home that works… {:-)


  2. krismakes August 19, 2008 at 7:20 pm #

    No worries Mal, I was just dumbfounded that you had to pay to get the recipe – who does that? Anyway I hope yours turns out yummy, I think raisin bread would be delicious.
    Happy eating!

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