scrap studio makeover

17 Aug

I call it my scrap studio ‘cos it sounds cool but it’s really a very messy spare bedroom!  Today I’ve decided to tackle getting it organised.  When I got up itwas a glorious day here in downtown Shepparton and I was feeling very inspired but in the hour it’s taken me to fiddle around with some photo’s in Elements a few clouds have sprung up so I’m not sure if it means rain or not?  Should have checked the forecast, not that it matters if I’m inside but it’s nice to feel the warm sunshine in the middle of winter.

So here is a shot of my scrap “studio” before, and also inside one of the cupboards – the one where everything falls on top of me when I try to retrieve something out of it.  You can see my little putty dawgs Bella and Charlie in the first shot, Bella is pretending to be me at the computer.


So of course I will post the after shots – but don’t hold your breath it could be days, weeks even months before I get it finished.  I have to just purge everything and not hold on to things “just in case”!!!  I do get a lot of satisfaction out of getting organised, you feel so much better when it’s done and you can find things easily.  Ok wish me luck!



2 Responses to “scrap studio makeover”

  1. shae green August 17, 2008 at 12:46 pm #

    dont know how you did it but you managed to sucker me into cleaning your scrapbook syudio!! Nevermind…its always fun to re-organize stuff and there is plenty of stuff in this room!! I dont know how you managed to fit it all into the cubords. Oh well it will be a good day, great workshop yesterday loved the colours and the layouts worked out really well!! Thanks Kris xox

  2. krismakes August 19, 2008 at 7:17 pm #

    Thanks for all your help Shae, if you hadn’t been there I’d still be flicking through all those old magazines!

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