Progress Report

18 Aug

Wow did I make some headway yesterday, or should I say “we”.  Yes I cheated, I had some help from the lovely Shae-meister.  She put together the shelf units and cracked the whip at me.  She was the voice of reason constantly asking me “but are you really gunna use it?” every time I looked longingly at some piece of junk.  So thanks Shae for all your help!  The scrap studio is almost organised, here’s some progress shots.

Shae hard at it.

Shae hard at it.

new and improved cupboard

new and improved cupboard

Big difference inside that cupboard now don’t you think?  All I’ve really got left to do is the desk top and underneath it.  I really need a shelf or two on the wall above for a bit extra storage space but for the time being it’ll do.  Will show you the rest when it’s all done and pretty!

I’ve added a Kaszazz page for those of you who were wondering what on earth Kaszazz is and why I rabbit it on about it so much.  So check it out if you so wish.  I have a demo this Wednesday night with a possible 19 people attending so it’ll be HUGE.  Can’t wait as it seems like ages since I did a FREE Make and Take.  Have to give a shout out to my little Relley, she’s a Tupperware lady and one of my best friends.  Congrats Relley on your dynamic sales achievement, you go girl!

Well I have come to the end of my Target Incentive Program with Kaszazz.  I managed to get 2 targets and the third is pretty much in the bag.  I signed my fabulous “sister-in-law” Katherine as a consultant and she is raring to go.  So excited to have begun my downline.  Yay I love Kaszazz.  I’ve just written out my shopping list for the TIP 2 reward – $200 worth of goodies coming my way.  And it was so easy to achieve the goals.  I know Katherine will knock ’em over easy peasy.

Well folks I’ve got a chocolate self saucing pudding ready to come out of the oven and be devoured so I must fly.  Till next time.



2 Responses to “Progress Report”

  1. Gaby August 20, 2008 at 1:51 pm #

    You did an awesome job with the cupboard. You should definitely be proud of yourself.

    Noice blog too!

    Love ya

  2. krismakes August 20, 2008 at 3:02 pm #

    Aww shucks. Thanks Gab.
    big hug

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