21 Aug

hello hello friends and foe.  Oooh that’s sounds all rhymey.  Special.  Sorry first for being slack in my writings and second sorry goes to my weird mood I am in.  I have been spending my days pouring over the writings of Angry Chicken aka Amy Karol.  This woman is a crafting godess and I am becoming obsessed with her blog, I want to be her.  Amy makes everything; clothes, dolls, toys, aprons, paintings, quilts, baked goodness and so on and on.  She is a powerhouse and has me all inspired, excited and worried that I’m being stalkerish!  So to celebrate the discovery of the angry chicken blog I have decided I need to set myself a challenge and that is…drum roll please…to make one artsy crafty project per month that isn’t scrapbooking.  So what do you think?  I’m a little scared as I’m not a sewer (that looks wrong) a quilter a knitter or any of those but I really need to push myself out of my cosy seat in front of the telly and explore other craft mediums.  Now I will of course, dear reader, relate all of this wonderful and frightening experience to you as it happens and post pictures too.  Don’t expect really well made stuff – remember I am a novice, but I will give it my best shot.  EEEeeek what have I got myself into?  Anyway I’m not sure if I can squeeze in a project for this month since we are so close to the end (can anyone say cop out?) however I will try to none the less.  Am thinking of something fun like a toy, doll or similar.

Am a bit tired tonight as last night I was in Numurkah doing a FREE Make and Take demo.  It was lots of fun, great sales and the host got lots of free loot – horay.  I might have some future workshops to do in wee little Waaii (did I spell it wrong – sorry) soon so that’s very cool and exciting.  I was able to snaffle some free lemons so tonight I cut a heap into slices to freeze as I like to pop a slice into my water or lemonade or fancy pantsy drink every now and then but I don’t always have fresh lemons.  Our poor tree has stunted growth due to neglect.  Must do gardening, must.  I still have some lemons left over so I’m thinking I should make something yummy on the weekend.  I love lemons, they are great for baking and cooking, and just so darn zesty.

Ok that’s enough of my silliness, for now anyway hah.




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