lazy, rotten, scoundrel

25 Aug

Yep that’s me.  Well not really but I have been lazy when it comes to getting photo’s up on this blog and taking time to write in it.  I’ve just booked a week and a half of work (office job) so I can spend some time getting myself organised with my scrapbooking business, finishing off the scrap studio, paperwork, creative craftyness and other such things that I have not found the time to do lately.  So I swear I will organise a little photo studio and take a bunch of photos, edit and load them up for all the world to see (cringe).  So now I’m counting down – only two weeks until my time off so not long to wait.


On the weekend Shae came over and we started on our Clearly Cards Christmas kit.  It was very different using the acetate for the card base but we were excited by how great they look – photo to follow.  Shae got most of hers made but I wanted to finish a belated baby gift.  The gift got done and looked fabulous but on Sunday when I went to Broadford to see my friend I forgot it at home!  So typical, nevermind, once she has received the gift I will post pic’s.  I fussed over it for sooo long but I’m happy with the end result.  On a side note Shae and I finally made it to Tatura Bakery to try their award wining famous Vanilla Slice and yes it was so worth it.  Total yum.  I was never a huge fan of vanilla slice but theirs was perfect, creamy soft custard, crisp, flaky pastry.  A far cry from the slice I used to know; soggy pastry, bright yellow, hard custard, totally gross.  So if you haven’t tried Tat Bakery yet and you are in the vicinity I can highly recommend it.


On Friday night I took a trip to Spotlight and spent hours fussing over fabrics, ribbons and such for my craft challenge.  I nearly went crazy comparing prints, colours and prices.  It’s so hard when everything you know about sewing could be written on a grain of rice!  I ended up buying a gorgeous animal quilt fabric in brights and blues which I think will suit my project perfectly.  Did you notice I’m not revealing much?  I have a few ideas up my sleeve and I’m not sure what is going to work so until I get started on something I’m keeping mum.


So last night Australian Idol started again – is anyone else addicted to talent shows?  I’m sure there’s many of us out there.  I just love seeing all these cool, amazing singers and musicians we have in oz.  Did you catch the chick from Nowhere Creek, she was so good, really individual.  I’ll be keeping an eye on her.  I think Nowhere Creek(how cool) is between Avoca and Stawell, how many Nowhere Creeks can there be right?  Not sure how I’ll cope with keeping up with all my programs.  Now that the Olympics is over Heroes has returned and that is my one and only must watch show, then I guess Desperate Housewives will be back too.  And can anyone enlighten me on 90210?  I saw an ad and it starts tonight September 8 (how’d I get that wrong?) with what looks like only one original cast member Jenny Garth aka Kelly.  I have to admit that I literally grew up on Beverley Hills 90210.  I loved that show.  I think I even had to go to my boyfriends house to watch it cos we didn’t get that channel – that’s commitment!  Might take a peek at it.  So back to my dilemma – how do I balance my crafty fun with my fave tv programs?  More hours in the day?  I’ll think of something…


By the way DO NOT go over to Martha unless you have nothing to do for the rest of the day.  There is sooooo much cool, yummy, clever stuff on her website, yeah sure, you’ll check it out just for a quick look then the next time you look up from your computer screen it’s dark outside, the animals/kids are screaming for their dinner and you realise you’re parched and busting to go to the toilet at the same time!  Be warned!




PS a daggy 90’s pic….

The Cast - Beverly Hills 90210

The Cast - Beverly Hills 90210


One Response to “lazy, rotten, scoundrel”

  1. Gaby August 29, 2008 at 8:34 am #

    I read somewhere that Brenda is making a small come back in the new 90210, apparently she’s a film director now! lol. I think i read that Donna is in it too… I dunno, don’t quote me on it.
    I’ll definitely have to check out the first episode though, just to see how crap it is & to see how old the students are. I wonder if they are any closer to the age group this time!
    You are sounding more & more like the crafty queen each day! Im still yet to ask around if anyone would be interested in a demo. Do you have a print out or something to explain what you do? I was thinking i could put one up at work, it’s all girls there so some might be interested

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