yep summer is on it’s merry way!

6 Sep

And thank God for that.  I’m not a big winter person, I’m one of those people that has wickedly bad circulation (probably exacerbated by lack of exercise) and I tend to get down in the dumps and exhibit hermit like behaviour.  Although joining Kaszazz this winter has helped as it encourages me to get out of the house.  Yes it’s about this time of year I say bring on summer – then at the height of summer whinge about the heat!  I do like summer a whole lot, the days are long, you can get out and about without putting on 10 layers plus gloves, hat and scarf – although I love my accessories- the food is light and refreshing and as a result you loose all that winter flabbyness (sometimes)….but where we live it does get stinking hot too.  And I mean hot, like it’s not uncommon to have several days of over 40 degree (celcius)heat over the summer months and quite often there is no reprieve at night with temperatures staying in the 20’s.  For those of you living in the imperial(?) times 40 is about 104 Fahrenheit, I’m thinking a good comparison would be Phoenix, Arizona in the states which I have had the pleasure to visit.  I just read on Wikipedia that they get on average 89 days a year with the temp at 100 degrees F (38C).  Now that is some hot tamales.  I must find the code for the little degree symbol too, you know the one.   Anyway I digress.  My favorite season would have to be Autumn, it’s just da bomb, bright and sunny warm days with cool nights perfect for snoozin’.  And the foliage is just gorgeous, all that crunchy yellow, gold, orange, red etc.  Plus my birthday falls (get it) in Autumn too – yay, I love birthdays.

Okay enough about season and weather, this is not a meteorology site! As promised I have been photographing my previous scrapbooking works and shall present some right here right now!  Keep in mind I’m way out of my legue when it comes to taking decent photo’s of my stuff so please excuse the shoddy photomanship! The top pic is from my trip to the states, I had cropped a whole bunch of photo’s for another layout and I had all these wonderful little strips left that I felt should be showcased somehow and viola that’s just what I did, simple but I think it’s quite effective.

And this is where some of those off cuts came from.  I went to the USA in 2005 for 13 weeks and had a wonderful time travelling around – would love to go back and visit all the generous people I was able to stay with on my trip.  This layout was from Becky Higgins book Creative Sketches which I think is a bit old now but still very valuable for ideas and layouts to copy.

And this little darlin’ is my Bella featured on the Four Flowers SB Page which is the workshop I’m holding this afternoon.  Isn’t she beautiful?  This workshop uses the rollergraph stamp which is heaps of fun and very versatile.

Alright time to get out of my jammies and go grocery shopping!  Am still battling the cold/flu I contracted from James (thanks sweetheart) but I think I’m winning.  Very exctied as tomorrow my bestie Gab is coming to visit and I have not seen her for a good part of the year – and she’s bringing her hubby who I will meet for the first time – eeeek, hope all goes well :o)

keep smilin’



One Response to “yep summer is on it’s merry way!”

  1. Matt George September 6, 2008 at 10:26 am #

    Cool albums.

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