Brayer Cards

9 Sep

Howdy ho neighbourinoes.  Well I’m officially on a week and a half leave from work yippeee.  I celebrated by buying a bottle of champers I mean sparkling wine on the way home from work and am halfway through my second glass.  I feel more relaxed already although that could be the bubbly hee hee.

Tomorrow I’m running the Brayer card workshop which is one of my favorites.  It’s like magic watching the stamped image come through the coloured ink and it’s look super fancy too.  I’m thinking I might all domestic and bake some lemon squares in the morning yummo.  On Sunday I made home made marshmallows!  I can’t believe how easy peasy they were (nor how much sugar is in them). 

I think I will refrain from buying my mallows in the future as this way I know exactly what’s in them (lots of sugar ha).  I found heaps of recipes on the Internet but chose the simplest one, the results were good but I might tweak it and play around with it a little as they may have been a tad squishy.  One day I’m going to make these flippin smores that that Americans always talk about but first I need to find an aussie substitute for Graham crackers…anyone?

Here’s a photo of my cutie pie god daughter isn’t she gorgeous?  I haven’t seen her for sooo long and she has grown like heaps, she’s a real little girl now not a baby anymore.


Okay I’m beat – off to watch NCIS.  It’s funny I couldn’t stand the show when it first came out but now I really enjoy it – the same can’t be said for numbers though, surely everything does NOT boil down to an algorithm?




One Response to “Brayer Cards”

  1. Gaby September 10, 2008 at 8:58 am #

    I do agree that she is gorgeous but i am biased! lol She definitely isn’t a baby anymore either… boohoo

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