October Workshops and the garden

18 Sep

Ok I’m putting up the dates for my October workshops, head over to the right side and click Oct 08 to see them.  I’m kicking off the month with a huge Christmas Card Spectacular on the 4th with 2 card workshops and a bbq lunch to keep you going.  I’m really looking forward to it, should be a fun day.  Other workshops for the month include Surprise Boxes (by special request) and the Magic Stamp Jeans Layout which I can’t wait to have a go at.  I’m also planning a little treat for Halloween (pardon the pun!).  Yes I’ve always wanted to partake in this celebration so this year it’s actually going to happen.

I just made some apricot and sultana bikkies from the May Superfood Ideas and I can tell you that they are yum.  And very easy to make – which I love, I’ve gotten slack in my old (33) age.  The boys are out in the shed getting ready for Winton this weekend and the Performance Car Mania event.  James decided at the last minute to enter so earlier this week they did an engine swap and are now busting their chops to get it ready in time.  I think they thrive on this kind of last minute mayhem!

Here’s my front garden after the massive clean up.


lots of palms (with nasty spikes)

on the right above where the pot is is the window to my scrap studio, as you can see it gets great light but in summer it’s sooooooo hot.  Last year we put up external shade doovers and they seemed to make a big difference but I don’t know if it’s enough to keep my photo’s safe and cool.

now I can’t take credit for this front corner – James and Chris weeded and mulched all of this a few days before Shae and I got cracking, thanks lads!  The palm on the left is my fave because it’s the least nasty one.  Poor Shae copped a lot of stings and pricks from those other plants but she was a real trooper and just kept truckin’.  Thanks for all your help Shae.  As a gardener I need someone there encouraging me (busting my hump) along the way otherwise I get nothing done.

Mum’s coming to stay tomorrow so I hope she’s pleased with our gardening efforts.  She is a real green thumb – something I didn’t really inherit at all.  Tomorrow night we are doing our Gelati Tags workshop and ta da here is mine…

pretty groovy huh?  They are double sided so on the back you can write little things about yourself like your friends, fave things etc.  I decided I’m going to make another one for a friends birthday, she is having a girls night out on Saturday.  Been a while since I went to one of them.  Next week is my sis in laws 21st birthday and I’m afraid I haven’t thought of anything to get her yet…she has a lot of stuff…so I need to figure it out quick smart.

Aiight off to beddie byes, am bushed even though I had a cat nap this arvo.  Have been feeling a little off lately, you know not myself, hopefully it passes.

Cheerio folks


ps I’ve made the executive decision not to spell check my posts anymore as it just adds to the time it takes me to get them up so I’ll do my best but you may have to put up with the odd word or seven spelt wrong!


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