friday fives

19 Sep

as I sit here munching my coco pops (not my usual breakfast food) I’m thinking I need a list day, you know where we all write a little list on a certain day?  So welcome to friday fives and here are the catergories…

1. food of the week – what had you begging for more?

2. music – what’s been tickling your ears fancy?

3. books, movies, tv, games – what kept you entertained?

4. thing – what product are you loving right now?

5. website of the week – found anything interesting?


okay so the list is relevant on the past week from Saturday to today; Friday and every Friday we put up our new list.  So mine will be here somewhere and I’ll try not to forget and you guys just write yours in the comments.  Easy right?  Here we gooooooooooooooooo

1. home made salad sandwiches with beetroot, mmmmmm it feels like summer already

2. Electric Feel by MGMT sooo funky love it love it love it

3. can’t remember which night it was but we got out the old Pictionary and Scattergories and had a ball

4. I have to mention my favorite lip balm of all time, Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, can’t get enough of that menthol tingle ahhhh

5. absolutely must shout out to threadless, they make tee shirts designed by anyone who wants to have a go, they are wicked cool.  I have three and I know I should have bought a bunch more when the aussie dollar was good but funds were tight.  Yep they are an American deal but the prices are actually not bad if you compare them to print tees from some of our middle range trendy stores.  Here’s a crazy story; I was wearing my threadless Motovino tee on a trip to Myrtleford (pop. 3500) when a teenage guy came up wearing the same tee (all designs are unisex) how out there is that?  I felt like we were in an exclusive “cool” club, it was so fun.


See how easy was that?  Ok now it’s your turn – can’t wait to see your friday fives.



ps I just checked out threadless and Motovino is going for USD$9.00 in a girly size XL – about our 12-14


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