19 Sep

Morning folks, yet again I was woken up at 6.30 this morning by my lovely (said sarcastically) cat Scratchy.  Why is he doing this to me?  Every morning?  It’s slowly sending me insane.

I had a nice email in my inbox from a lady called Sheila who does the marketing and media for ScrapOnizer.  Now I may not have mentioned it much before but since Sheila got in touch it jogged my memory.  The ScrapOnizer is one of our new products in the Sep 08 flier.  It’s basically an organiser for all your bits and pieces.  There are four clear plastic trays with hinged covers and a variety of inserts for different sized goodies and they all tuck neatly away in a box like a magazine holder.  I actually bought one when they first came out but as per my usual self I haven’t decorated or used it yet!  Yep you can decorate the box and trays using your scrap materials and label each one as to what should be stored inside.  It’s a great little toolbox and very versatile – it’s not just for scrappers but works for other crafts like sewing, beading and even for keeping kids stuff tidy.  The fantastic part is it’s only $29.95 and you can build your collection so you can organise everything!  Anyway enough PR for now let’s see some photo’s. (ps it’s won awards too so it must be good)

Ok here is the ScrapOnizer a la naturale



So as you can see I need to get busy and pretty it up.  This is my challenge for this weekend and I shall post the after photo’s so you get more of an idea on what can be acheived.  Oooh the pressure is on now Kris.

Okay for the lovely fellow consultants at out training day last weekend here are some links for the mini misters which is another new product in our range.  They are basically a little sprayer that you can fill with various things I’m sure!  I have never used one so I’ll be learning along the way.  From what I’ve previously seen on the web you fill it with water and a few drops of ink from your refill bottle then go crazy spritzing your paper.  You can layer different colours on the paper and I’ve seen the shimmery inks or perfect pearls used to great effect too.

I’m putting in just one link for the moment but it’s a pretty good one it’s from Tim Holtz the designer for Ranger Inks where mini misters come from!    This is one of his tutorials but if you look around I’ll bet there’s heaps more good stuff on his blog so check it out here.  Mum’s arrived so I must fly.

Talk soon



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