craft is addictive

22 Sep

it’s like a drug really, all that creative goodness, the gorgeous paper, fabric, ribbons, buttons, and on it goes.  Take a look at this site superbuzy they have Japanese fabrics and such, why is it Japanese stuff is so darn cute, it nearly kills me.  The prints on the fabric are just oh I’m lost for words.  I’ve only just begun sewing but I want to buy all this wicked cool material even if I haven’t a clue what to do with it.  I could just stack it on a shelf and look at it.

Czech Dancers - Yellow

how kitchy are these little czech dancers? and what about Alice in Wonderland…

Alice in Wonderland Canvas - Black

it’s all just too much really.  Now I’m going to have to do an online search for aussie fabric suppliers so I can get my mitts on some cuteness. 

In other news I just ate a apricot jam biscuit at my desk and the crumbs all fell into the keyboard!  Oops but it was yummy, from a biscuit company operating out of Donald.

So the restaurant has been chosen for tonight’s 21st b’day dinner.  We are going to Sebastians where I’ve yet to dine, apparently it is good so fingers crossed.  James and I haven’t been out for dinner for ages, we used to do it a lot but I don’t know what happened.  Shame really considering our high appreciation of good food.  I went to the Vic for dinner Saturday night for another b’day and chose the ceasar salad, hmph you can imagine my dissapointment to find the dressing was straight out of a Kraft bottle and the egg was pre poached and refrigerated urk.  Is that even safe?  When the yolk is still runny?  I had hoped for better even though it was $13.95, is that too much to ask?  Previous meals there have been good so not sure what went wrong.  Some of the girls at the table mentioned that when you don’t go out for tea much anymore your standards are very high because it’s a real special occasion.  Makes sense to me.  So the report on Sebastions will be in tomorrow.  I just peeked at their menu – 6 types of oysters is definetely a good sign.


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