september craft challenge

22 Sep

Well I’ve done it, yay, haven’t left it to the last minute or anything (like I usually do).  I made these sweet little button hair pins yesterday and they were so quick and easy.  I saw them on Etsy a wonderful site where everything for sale is handmade and you can sell your own handmade goodies too.  It’s one of my fave’s right now.  Anyhoo I saw them there and thought “I can do that” and so I did.  I love the results – I definetely plan on making more – one for each outfit perhaps?  And I think there will be some made for Christmas presents too, who wouldn’t want a pretty little hair pin?  I wear bobby pins a lot lately as I have been letting my hair dry naturally or scrunched in a bun so it has a bit of body then I just let it out and put a few bits up with pins and viola, hair is done!  So much easier to go with your hairs natural tendancies (boinky) though I still love my hair straightener.

(sorry it’s a bit over exposed – could have photo shopped it but too lazy at this hour)

I think this morning was a record – 5.45 though it wasn’t the cat this time hah.  Not sure what woke me but I couldn’t get back to sleep for James’ snoring god love him.  So here I sit at 6.40 talking to you.

I have a big workshop out in little Waaia (pronounced way-eye) on Tuesday night.  I’m teaching the gorgeous Distress Ink Christmas Cards.  Looking forward to it as I’ve not had much on Kaszazz wise lately.  This week is shaping up to be a busy one; today is my sister in laws birthday – Happy 21st Birthday Katherine, so out for dinner tonight, Waaia tomorrow night, Thursday a trip to Cobram to catch up with my old friend (old as in known her for ages not old as in age – eeek) Kaz to have dinner and catch some theatrics, then Saturday night is the big 21st party.  I haven’t been such a social butterfly in well a loooong time.  Plus I go back to work today, hmmmm not really looking forward to it after my taste of freedom but I can’t complain too much as it is a great place to work with really decent people so I am lucky in that way.

It’s nearly 7am my normal waking hour so I best get ready for work.  I’m going to try real hard to keep up with this blog as there’s nothing worse that checking your regular blogs and seeing they haven’t posted.  I know there are much worse things but you know what I mean.  Speaking of blogs I haven’t checked Angry Chicken since I’ve been on hols – that’s not normal for me, I’m still reading the old posts trying to catch up to current day, so many gems in there so little time.

Have a fantastic day



2 Responses to “september craft challenge”

  1. Hulia September 22, 2008 at 3:52 pm #

    Quite funny and fantastic. It looks as if she is wearing the buttons on her head and they attractive one.I’m going to try it in my home and I will sell it for my earnings.

    Sreevysh Corp

  2. raj October 15, 2008 at 4:44 am #



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