is this blog too boring?

24 Sep

I know I tend to ramble a lot but is anyone actually enjoying or getting something out of reading all this stuff?  It’s hard to tell because though some days I get many visitors I wonder if they took a wrong turn and ended up here by accident as no one leaves a comment.  Ok so a few people have left comments but it’s mostly friends/family.  Ah heck if only my friends and family read this blog well that’s enough for me to keep on sloggin I mean bloggin (same thing really).  Enough pity party Kris stop blabbering.

So I was thinking before (yes sometimes I do that) and I realised that I haven’t posted any photo’s of the baby gift I made a while back.  It was well received which made me proud as punch.  There’s always a little part of you that worries the recipient will hate it so when it’s a hit there’s a big sigh of relief. 


So here it is, a little door hanger for a wee one’s room to let people know when it’s quiet time and when they are welcome to come inside and play.  An idea just struck me; I should make some for the family front door, you know when mum and bub are both asleep so visitors don’t just bang away yelling “let me in” (slight exageration).  So many projects so little time.  Anyhoo on this one I used various bits and bobs; paper I had stashed away for ages, some buttons that I’d bought during a Circle of Friends scrap class, the ribbons/twill is Kaszazz as are the little baby heads and such, words were printed from the computer except the “I’m sleeping” was my handwriting (cringe).  I’m happy with the result though I did have a few false starts like warped paper when i embossed it after I’d stuck it on the hanger!  I ended up using Mod Podge as glue and sealant.  Mod Podge is great for gluing paper as it doesn’t make it buckle or go soggy.  Aussie peeps – you can buy it at Spotlight too and it comes in matte or gloss; I used matte.

I didn’t have much luck with the cutesy print fabric search in oz so I’ll have to devote more time to it.  Found one site but they were charging like over $20 for a metre yikes!  That’s daylight robbery.  I may as well get it straight from Japan it’d probably be cheaper.  I’m itching to get the sewing machine out and just go crazy.  But that would waste too much fabric ha.  I have a friends who sews and said she’d help me while I’m on my L’s.  Rosie has sewn a lot of clothes for herself and that’s what I’m keen for.

gotta dash



3 Responses to “is this blog too boring?”

  1. mrscjallen September 25, 2008 at 3:38 am #

    What a cute door hanger. Great job!

    And I’m not sure why you’d cringe about having to use your own handwriting…it’s beautiful. Although, I do suspect that most all of us hate our own handwriting.

  2. woody September 25, 2008 at 3:41 am #

    I have recently started blogging and have wondered too about those mysterious visitors who look at my ramblings. Ihave decided not to worry about it and carry on. And anyway other peoples ramblings keep me from the housework and you cant ask for more than that! So I for one am happy to carry on reading about what you have made etc

  3. krismakes September 25, 2008 at 1:27 pm #

    aww shucks you guys, you made me feel loved ha ha. Thanks for making an appearance in my comments – you’re the best and that was all I needed to feel like people really are reading my blog. Maybe they’re just shy right?

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