op shop bargains

24 Sep

I’m a little (ok, a lot) excited about something that will be happening very soon I hope.  I won’t tell you what is just yet until I know it’s definetely going to happen, and by gosh I hope it does, eeekkk.  Don’t ya love to be held in suspense?  Most times it’s just annoying right?  Well I promise to tell you as soon as I can – sorry!

So today was my day off and I got up to a few things…

I cancelled the waterfall album workshop due to low numbers (eg. one person!) however I am going to re schedule it in the near future.  So that being done i toddled over to Sharynnes to make my sample up.  And hey presto it was a lot easier that it looks – so if you’re thinking it’s too much of a challenge I say pish tosh and don’t be a scaredy cat.  Honestly it’s so simple and I’ll bet once you make one you’ll be churning them out like a sausage factory because they make a great gift, especially with Christmas coming up.  Photo to come (not of sausages ha ha).

I also did a little op shopping and came up trumps (what does trumps mean?  I mean I know the saying but not the definition of the word).  Check out this book I got on sewing…

How rad is that?  Yeah yeah I know it’s old and all but the basics of sewing never change right?  And it came with this little insert called Useful Things to Sew and the funny thing is they are still useful even though the book is 30 years old!  And better yet I just found out that it was published by Readers Digest Australia so that means it’ll all be in aussie speak which will make it even easier for me to understand.  Wait a minute is Redaers Digest Australian?  I always thought they were American?  Hmmmm.  Anyway some of the “useful things” are hand bags, hooded robes, gaint floor cushions and oven gloves.  And the photo’s are so funky, really retro, I love the fabric on the floor cushion…

sorry about the darkness of the photo’s, not sure what I was doing there.  Oh I forgot to tell you the best thing about my new sewing book…it cost me fifty cents!!!!!  Amazing right?  It’s in great condition too. I also bought some home made aprons which I will post pictures of later and a black skirt to alter.  I’ve been inspired by these two wickedly cool websites; Wardrobe Refashion and Craft Stylish such a wealth of information and ideas.  I will never be at a loss for what to make for my personal craft challenge each month.  I was actually looking for a cookbook on cookies, but hey I no complain.

Ah my report on Sebastians, yes well long story short we ended up at the Park Lakes Ginjar restaurant.  It actually turned out to be a very fun night and they had a help yourself wine bar set up for $15 per person – very dangerous, but I drank in moderation folks I swear.  The food was good on my part and James’, I had Tasmanina Salmon (mmm mmmm) and he had New York Style Steak.  So Sebastians another day perhaps.

aiight I’m ready to snooze, play safe by the water



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