28 Sep

I’m no good at thining of titles, maybe I should write them after I do the post, gee that makes sense doesn’t it.  Poor brains a big slow these days.

Well the scraponizer is still without clothes, so no photo ops there.

this is a layout I did a while ago of me and my dear cousin Sarah.  The journaling says “better than sisters, more than just friends, a special bond – cousins”.  Sarah is one of the special people in my life, we’ve always been close, from when she was little following me around (I loved the attention) to present day where she recently had a beautiful bouncing baby boy.  We both managed to get through the hard stuff in life and I know I can call her out of the blue if I need to vent or carry on.  She is an amazing gal and I love her to bits.  Being an only child Sezza is the closest I have gotten to having a sister and I think of her as a best friend too.  I haven’t seen her in a little while but I’m hoping to find some free time to get over there soon and catch up.

gotta cut this short as James is hankering for a Quarter Pounder and i’m undecided, feel like I’ve been eating all arvo!

Ciao for now



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