cards, stamp camp and other stuff

3 Oct


Morning all

Had a minor meltdown last night but it vanished as quickly as it had appeared so I am back to my good ol self!  Just things getting on top of me that sort of rubbish.

The Christmas Card Spectacular is going ahead tomorrow, It’s going to be heaps of fun even with the low turn out.  I am buying all the yummies for the bbq tonight and going to make Shae’s rice salad (which is divine) and a potato salad too.  I’ve got to organise the prizes too and thinking I will wrap them in Christmas paper…maybe I should decorate the house too?  That’s not going too crazy is it?  I think it would make it a bit more special.  Okay add that to my to-do list.

Next weekend is our first stamp camp, a weekend full of scrapping, card making, eating, drinking, laughing and no men, no children and no mall small animals!  Hoorah I can’t wait, I’m starting to get excited.  I haven’t really been away without James for ages so I will be missing him of course but it will be great to escape the demands of eveyday life and just have fun for 3 days.  I won’t have to cook or do dishes either, fabulous.  All I need to do is get organised and work out what projects to take with me.  We’ve decided as a group to do the new Distress Crackle Paint Ebony and Ivory Journal – as pictured on the below post on the new product release.  Will be interesting to have a play with these new paints.

I haven’t really done much other scrapping/card making apart from the workshop I taught in Tallygaroopna on Wednesday, we did the Enchanted Christmas Cards, very nice and pretty simple.  It features open style bauble stamps over patterened SB paper, a good idea of getting more use from your stamps, and accents in gel pens.  I’ll pop the photo in here later. Done – see above!

Am working on my class shedule for November so that should be up soon, keep your eye’s peeled (not a very nice saying in visual terms eh?).

stay cool



One Response to “cards, stamp camp and other stuff”

  1. Stefania October 3, 2008 at 9:45 pm #

    Wow. Great stuff. Wanted to pass along a great organizing site we use for my club. It helps us publish get together, shared to-do lists (so not everybody brings the proverbial potato salad) photo sharing and group email. The site was forwarded to me by my cousin — Qlubb ( It’s pretty cool, very useful, and the key thing is it’s very very easy to use (and free).

    Anyway, thought I’d pass it along since it’s helped us organize a lot better.

    Love the work.

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