friday fives oct 3

3 Oct


here they are…

1. ok it has to be Mexican night at our house on Wednesday.  Shae came over and we cooked up chicken quesadillas, beef taco’s and mex rice – so good and a cheap feed for 5 people.  It’s so hard to get good Mexican food in Australia so you’re better off making it yourself most times.

2. Ghosts by Laura Marling – sweet, tender, lilting voice makes you want to sing along.  Very talented 18y.o.

3. reading one of my fave authors Sue Grafton T is for Trespassin the alphabet series.  I have read them all and love them so.  Easy to read yet intriguing, the main character Kinsey Milhone is one cool chick, mystery, suspense and laughs too.

4. I don’t have one but I’m sure I need one – a stick mixer/blender.  It would be so great to whiz soups while they are still hot in the slow cooker.  I’m sure I’d use it for other things too…..right?

5. I’ve started finding craft bloggers that reside in oz (that’s Australia not the place where the wizard lives) and this one right here loobylu has been going for quite a number of years and even won awards, clever gal.  I haven’t had time to read much but I’ll go back to visit as soon as I can – she could be my aussie angry chicken, no?





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