6 Oct

don’t ask – I just like the way it sounds.

It is so cold today, not cold like snow cold but we were lulled into a false sense of warm security so now I’m feeling ripped off.  It’s not raining so it can’t even be justified.  So glad I didn’t wear a skirt to work today.

Yesterday while the boys were having fun at the Show and Shine in Euroa, I was at home toiling away in the studio.  But I did not produce one single piece of anything.  I was cleaning up my perpetual mess and clutter and trying to put in a Kaszazz order and work out what on earth I am going to do projects wise at stamp camp.  I don’t know if I’m overly ambitious but remember there’s no cooking, no feeding animals, no dishes, no housework NO DISTRACTIONS (execpt gossip and alcohol).  Here’s my list:

  • SB Page using leftovers from my Loverly Hang it
  • Enchanted Tags x 2 (one as a gift, christmas is coming you know)
  • Finish my Waterfall Flip Album and make a second in Black and Bubblegum Bazzill with Paisley Ooh-La-La
  • Finish my Family Azure mini album
  • Do my Magic Stamp SB page sample for up coming w/shop
  • Design a 2009 desk calendar with all Kaszazz stuff (maybe submit as a w/shop but not sure as they just released the Time Capsule Calendar w/shops)
  • The Ebony and Ivory Distress Crackle Journal (as our training project)
  • Possibly do the remaining 3 Time Caps’ Calendar w/shops
  • The Multi Fold Album w/shop in Mayhem SB papers
  • Embossed Baubles workshop (for the tree)

I’m really scared as I have yet to organise all my old photo’s that I got back from Numurkah (after the divorce) which need to be done as some were water damaged, and I haven’t printed anything out for ages so I need to get all this organised so I can actually stick photo’s in all these projects at stamp camp.  I think there’s nothing worse than looking at a project that hasn’t had photo’s put in it, it seem unfinished no matter how much bling and bits you embellish it with.

I think we are leaving mid arvo on Friday so I may dash to Big W and do some printing, or better yet go in after work Thursday then just pick them up on Friday.  As for the old photo’s, I might just take the whole lot of them with me and pick through them as need be.  I’ll post some random daggy pic’s here later for a laugh, I used to think I was so fashionable, ripped denim hot pants over opaque tights and a hat.  Mmmm lovely!

I also need to put a few things together for the Kyabram Kinder Trade Night which is Wednesday night not Thursday night as I had thought.  Hopefully it’s a good night and they can raise some funds (and I can hook up with a new customer base!!!)

Shae, Mum and I had a great day on Saturday making our Christmas Cards (yep just the 3 of us), we each broke into song several times (christmas carols no less), mum had a stress attack as she broke the loop on one of the cut out embossed vellum baubles and refused to pull it off the card and replace it with one of the fifty others she had made. 

    the 2 w/shops we did     Distress Ink Christmas Cards

After bbq mum came good but Shae’s baby brain kicked in and she was having major issues with the paper trimmer which was funny because there was a lot of cutting.  It was all so much fun and Shae’s rice salad that I made has been re-named Christmas Salad because it looked very festive and I now curse myself that I did not take a photo of it, it was sooo pretty.  I could try to take one now but I have eated most of it and it’s in an unattractive clear glass dish.  Next time!  I’ll post the recipe here shortly, it’s great for vego’s and you’ll love it.

Christmas Rice Salad


good quality olive oil (I used Cobram Estate Fresh and Fruity)

Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce & Marinade (not a thick marinade more like soy sauce consistency)

3 – 4 minced garlic cloves

mix these together, it’s equal parts oil to teriyaki but I won’t give qty’s so you can adjust it to the size of salad you want to make (ok try 100ml of each).  If you remember make the dressing the night before and leave it brewing in the fridge for the flavours to develop.



1 packet raw cashews crushed

1 pkt raw pine nuts

toast these in a non stick fry pan as it’s the easiest and quickest way and you’re less likely to burn them!


2-3 cups cooked rice (you need one that’s doesn’t glug like brown or multigrain rice – I will experiment later with different types)

2 medium red capsicum diced small

9 stems spring onion sliced fine

1 cup of currants


mix it all up adding dressing and nuts shortly before serving although so far mine still tatse alright after a day in the fridge but as with most things it’s best eaten fresh.




gotta go do some work now



One Response to “ticketyboo”

  1. Gab October 7, 2008 at 2:27 pm #

    I love the santa hats but most of all i love the old photos of you in ripped jeans! lol

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