friday fives 17/10

17 Oct

Another week has flown by..

1. Went to the Bullion Bar Stonegrill on Tuesday night with James and we cooked our own steak at our table.  We’d never been before and it was a weird experience.  Large serves, good sides but not sure if we’d go again.

2. hmmm this is a hard one this week as I haven’t really been paying attention to music.  I’ll just nominate an all time fave; Billy Joel, he is fabulously talented and still rockin.  Love pretty much all of his songs!

3. James and I watched 21 on dvd it’s the one about the MIT card counters.  The idea was there but I feel this movie failed to deliver, it just needed a bit more of something….

4. Green and Blacks Organic chocolate in a darker shade of milk.  Scrumptious.  I’m yet to graduate to loving the real dark pure stuff but this milk chocolate has 34% cocoa solids which is a bit more than Cadbury’s 26% and they use organic raw sugar cane not the cruddy refined sugar that’s in most chocolates, you really can taste the difference.  This chocolate lends itself to sitting on your tongue and melting in your mouth slowly making one peice last almost forever.  Quality not quantity is the key here!

5. Aussie Soap Supplies – I want to start making my own goodies so I know exactly what’s in them (no toxic rubbish) and this is the place to shop.  Haven’t bought anything yet as I just can’t decide but the prices are great and there’s just about everything you need to make soaps, creams, candles, shampoo the list goes on.  And on.  And on!  Thinking I’ll put an order in soon so I can make some Christmas pressies, how good will that be.

Ok looking forward to getting some pics up here this weekend and writing a longer post!



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