krazy super new Kaszazz catalogue and giveaway!

20 Oct

Yep you heard it right (or should that be read) there is a brand spanking new Kaszazz catalogue out now.  I am yet to lay my hands on one physically speaking but you can see it in all it’s glory right here on the net.  The on line catalogue has been significantly improved as it now opens in it’s own screen so if you’re meant to be working you can quickly minimize the page when someone walks in and go back to it later without having to load it all again – brilliant!


New Products

New Catalogue

PLEASE NOTE: the message in green does not apply to this post – I’ve just copied the email notice we were sent.  However if you do want to find out more you can reach me at krismarr(at)primusonline(dot)com(dot)au substituting the words in brackets for the real symbols of course.

So here’s the deal all the previous flyers (new products releases) throughout the year have been added into this new catalogue along with most of the products from the old one and some brand new goodies too.  Some things have been deleted and there are also some price changes; some products have gone up some have gone down in  price but the difference is not much really.  There is one thing that I will note and that’s the Share and Tell Album refill pages.  Apparently Pebbles Inc our supplier had been selling them to us way below their cost (big oops) so now there’s a bit of a price jump from $14.95 to $24.95.  It was just lucky that Kaszazz had so much stock of these items that they were able to keep that low price for so long but now they are re-ordering they will be charged the higher price.
If anyone would like lists of the products that are changing price or the deleted items I can email them to you just let me know.  The old prices will be available until Nov 21 so if you want anything before it’s goes up let me know asap!

The cost of the new catalogue is $4.95 however as always there are ways you can get your mitts on one for FREE; if you spend over $100 on your order; if you host a FREE Make and Take Demo or if you attend a workshop.  Easy peasy.  And if you have to fork out the $4.95 trust me it’s money well spent, there are loads of tips and project ideas as well as instructions to make some cute cards etc. 

And here’s another way to get a FREE brand new Kaszazz catalogue…yep I’m trying out my first giveaway.  I’m a bit scared of stuffing it up but um how hard can it be right?  So, starting small I think I will offer up a FREE catalogue to 3 people.  This will be my trial run for future giveaways.  Here’s the rules:  Entry is open to all Australian postal addresses (sorry but at this stage I can’t afford o/s postage!); to enter just leave a comment* under this post; giveaway closes Saturday 25th October at midnight (Melbourne time) and prize will be sent out in the following week.  *The theme for the comments is “What is your favorite Kaszazz product?”  If you’re new to the Kaszazz phenomenon go have a squiz at the new catalogue here and see what tickles your fancy.

My personal favorite is hard to nail down to just one product; I love the super tape because it’s so quick and easy to use and if I stick something in the wrong spot I can re position it without too much fuss; the A5 card stock is great for whipping up any sort of greeting card; and there are numerous rubber stamps that I adore but I was totally overjoyed when we brought out our first Owl stamp – Oscar the Owl!

Ok so it’s out there; here’s goes nothing right?

I will be talking about the new catalogue and products more in future posts and will try to include more tips/hints and cheats for you.  The end of the year is nearing and I’m starting to freak a little about how much time I’ve got left to organise Christmas stuff, time to get cracking me thinks!

chat soon


ps. I don’t kow what’s going on with this font/size, it’s possesed I’m sure.



One Response to “krazy super new Kaszazz catalogue and giveaway!”

  1. Sharynne Greening October 21, 2008 at 8:49 pm #

    My favorite Kaszazz product is Colorbox Fluid Chalk inks. They are so versatile. I love they look give and i can use them in soooooo many ways. They look stunning on gloss card, matt card, on off the page projects, well just about on anything. And they go so well with other inks and products Kaszazz sell.

    Talk soon

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