friday fives 24/10/08

24 Oct


gosh time flies don’t it?

1. has to be the “cannelloni” (said with thick european accent – I love europe) I made on Wednesday night.  Shae dropped in to say hi and I roped her into helping me stuff the (insert expletive)’s.  It’s the one thing that takes me like for-ages (new word I just made it up!).  So after she’d done half the work I couldn’t tell her to go home, that would’ve been heartless so Shae and Tom satyed for dinner.  I (err we) stuffed ’em with pumkin, baby spinach and ricotta and poured over a tomato based sauce.  Golly gee it was yum.  I love “cannelloni” (accent again please).

2. I’m not doing too well on the music subject hmmm.  I found myself singing Kylie’s Locamotion while cleaning the shower yesterday.  I’m not a fan of either so it’s quite puzzling.  I do like singing though (not in public) it makes me feel good and happy even if I’m not any good.

3. ahhh well I’ve been entertaining myself as usual reading other people’s blogs.  Wait I have something – on Wednesday I caught up with my dear friends, Relley, Jacqui and Rosie it was a good time had by all.

4. ok so I haven’t tried one yet but I bought some blood oranges and they are sitting waiting to be devoured.  I don’t even know if that’s a word you’d use for blood oranges as I have a sneaking suspicion they may be tart, and who wants to devour a tart?  oops enough said there!

5. I don’t think I’ve talked about them before but they are the magical community of instructables a place where you can learn, teach and sit there with your jaw hanging open.  There’s so many instruction for things to make and i’m not just talking crafty, I mean cooking, science stuff, sewing, basically anything,  It’s a fantastic resource and my next to-do is this little 5 min chocolate cake recipe.  I’ll let you know how it goes…




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