creative genius

30 Oct

That’s me!  Ha ha just kiddin’ around, I’m a bit more modest than that.  Although I did impress myself with myself (?) last weekend.  And I have completed two yes I’ll say it again, two creative projects for my challenge this month.  Pleased as punch.  The first one was so simple yet effective and something I’ve thought about doing for a loooong time.  I made a jewelry wall display for my funky earings.  I had a light bulb moment when I was unpacking and sorting through my summer clothes and came accross this pretty, natural coloured crochet shawl thingy.  I was about to drop it on the donate pile when it struck me that it would be perfect on the bedroom wall with my earings hanging of it.  So all I needed was two little hooks, screwed in by my lovely assistant James because I couldn’t get them in the darn wall and voila!  It looks pretty cool and cost me nothing as I already had the screws in one of those mixed multi packs that I’ve been toting from house to house for years.  In past day dreams about making something like this I considered painting a canvas and poking the earings through or stringing up ribbons and hanging them off there.  Has anyone else done something like this?  I like that I can have my pretty earings out on display and now it’s easier to just pluck them off to wear.

Please ignore our ghastly green walls; they’re in every room of our house and yes the ceilings are a tint of this awesome (if you’re an alien) green.  We will eventually re paint but had to let the house settle after she got new “legs” (stumps).  I’m thinking I might tie bows over the hook end bits to jazz it up a little.  And does anyone have a solution for that hideous fireplace?  I really don’t know what to do with it.  It has a dodgy old gas heater in it which we’ll probably have to remove and I like the romance of a fireplace in the bedroom, but how to make pretty?

The second project was to make a little arty display using some box frames I bought from The Warehouse back when it was still Clint’s Crazy Bargains (about 12 months ago?).  I had purchased 6 of the white frames and the same in black as well.  So yesterday arvo I had inspiration coming out the wazzoo and I just went for it.  Because the frames are boxed you can place bulky elements or loose bits in them which makes them much more exciting to work with.  I tried to take advantage of this bonus by using magic mount to make the letters etc float and by filling some of them with mini clear beads (the dragonfly) and petals (the photo).  I really really like them, I haven’t felt this happy about a project for ages – probably cos I haven’t done one for ages hee hee.  They came together fairly quickly as I did a bit of a sketch and idea list before I started just incase I forgot any of my brilliant ideas (happens a lot).  However when I got to the last frame I was getting tired and tried several different things but I just wasn’t happy with it.  Wasn’t until I went to hang them that I remembered I was going to use fabric as the background in it (forgot to write it down, see what happens?).  Hooray it was perfect.  And the best part was I didn’t buy anything to complete either project!  It was great to get out some of my old non Kaszazz embellishments and use them again.

Here’s the frames in the context of the room…


I’ve hung them in our bedroom and when I do the black ones I think they’ll go in the scrap studio.  Oh I almost forgot I did do another project too I mean three (gosh I crack me up).  I’d bought some black franchville 12 x 12 frames from Craft Alive I think they were only like ten bucks each or something ridiculous.  And in hindsight I wish I’d bought more as they are soooo good.  Damn you hindsight!  Anyway I pulled them out, dusted them off and filled them simply with two sheets of patterned SB paper I got at Spotlight for .50c each.  They look quite pretty to, so they are hanging above the door in the studio.  Unfortunately they aren’t quite even so we will have to fix that.  Lack of a ladder didn’t help.  The cool thing is that later I can pop out the paper and slip in any SB pages I’ve done.  Very versatile.

told you that green was everywhere!

miss fancy pants signing off



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