31 Oct

Happy Halloween everyone.

I love the idea of Halloween or at least what I know of Halloween.  Not the commercial part but the pagan festival part.  Halloween was a time to celebrate the end of harvest season “Samhain” in Gaelic culture.  So what’s that got to do with all the spookyness, ghosts, ghouls and whatnot?  Well the Gaelic people beleived that on Oct 31st the boundaries between the living and the dead dissapeared and that the dead could cause ill will for the living bringing them sickness and/or failed crops.  Bonfires were lit and people dressed like the spirits.  This is info I mostly have read on Wikipedia.  I’ve also read some stuff that says the Celts used this time of year to let go of order and structure and do crazy things and play tricks.  It also said they thought highly of the spirits and used this time to communicate with them and gain wisdon from them as well as honoring and celebrating them through feasts.  It’s all terribly interesting and I love reading about it all.  So from what I can gather, though many of us think of Halloween as an American tradition it was actually introduced to them by the Irish imigrants (from their Gaelic past I guess?) and it’s also celebrated in other parts like Japan, UK, Puerto Rico and NZ!  Now I really want to find out more about how they all celebrate Halloween. 

stay tuned for more on Halloween..



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