fives 31/10/08

31 Oct

1. I made this easy delicious banana choc pudding pie from instructables, I had to make my own base from butter and crushed bikkies as I couldn’t find a pre made base anywhere.  I’ll definetly make it again for those times when you have to bring dessert to dinner because it’s so quick.

2. I bought Fleetwood Mac‘s best of from the new WOW Sight and Sound store in Shep.  All those wonderful songs I loved and didn’t even realise it was FM that sang them – how rapt was I?  It’s on high rotation at home.  Who am I kidding, I don’t have a multi disc system, I don’t even have a high fi stereo, it’s just a little cd player.  But hey it does the job!

3. hmm it’s been a boring week entertainment wise I tell you.  I did enjoy watching House the other night.  I never liked him when it first came, thought he was a bit of a “tosser” but now I am a fan.  Keep forgetting to watch Private Practice on Sunday nights, is it still on?

4. thinking of changing this catergory as I think “product” is too wanty/consumerish.  Might make it “thing” instead?  So for this week it was to be Halloween!  I was going to throw a Halloween party this year then it was going to be a midnite crop now it’s fizzled out to me and a friend watching scray movies and stuffing our faces.  But next year I’m gunna go all out, just watch me!

5. ideal bite, sign up for a short daily newsletter that gives you tips on being green.  It’s quick to read then hit delete and you might just learn something – I did!




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