happy dayz

18 Dec

Wow yesterday I felt like Ireally acheived a lot.  I had my 2H workshop tested with positive results and very little changes to fix up.  I made two male versions of the workshop to give as Christmas gifts.  Unpacked my last order; which includes a lot of goodies to make the sample for the Kyabram workshops.  Cleaned the house and watched Into The Wild from my Quickflix FREE trial account.  Ihad one of those email offers pop up in my inbox for a free one month trial with 8 movies and I thought it would be a good idea to take it up over the holiday season, save me going to the video store.

I’m hoping to make the changes to my workshop submission and send it off this week.  My testers really loved it so I’m hoping Kaszazz will accept it.  I tried to use products that have been forgotten about like the Perfect Medium Pens which are so much fun to use.  They are suitable for embossing, dry chalking, watermarking, Perfect Pearls and much more.  The best thing about them is you can draw or write whatever you want if you don’t have the appropriate stamp to use on your project; so versatile!  They are only $15.95 for two pens; one is a bullet tip and one a brush tip, you can find them on page 63 of the Kaszazz Catalogue and Project Book or right here.  This is my first submission of a 2H Workshop so I’m a bit nervous.  I’ll let you know how I go…

Plans include wrapping presents, making the plum pudding in the slow cooker (a first for me), attempting to tidy the garden and writing my last minute grocery list.  So nothing overly strenuous.  I got some scrapbooking books from the library the other day so I might have a flick through them on the weekend too.

My 12 Days of Christmas project is going well, have remembered to take photo’s each day and write notes.  I’ve decided to make the the album later once I’ve finished my gathering.  I’m also going to start a project from Big Picture Scrapbooking.  It’s called Glimpses and will be all about moi, me, myself.  It’s one of their free Projects Now; they have quite a few of them and also some very cheap classes too.  I’m not up to signing up for one of the big classes just yet so I thought I’d ease my way in first.  I’ve never done anything like this so it will be interesting to see how it goes.  I’ve printed out the worksheet and will start filling them in this week, I think it will be a very insightful look at myself and I may even learn somethings about me I didn’t know or realise.  Can’t wait.

All the Christmas present shopping is done so now I can focus on my scrapping projects, yipeee!  I plan to sort out my digital photo’s at some point too, I’ve borrowed a book on Photoshop Elements to help me find my way around the program so I hope to learn some tips and tricks as I’m just floundering around at the moment.

chat soon



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