Happy New Year Folks!

5 Jan

You may have noticed my blog theme has changed; I am trying out a different look.  Currently looking for info on designing my own header so hopefully soon I’ll have something pretty to put up there.  As it’s a new year I thought I’d freshen things up a little.  Plus I don’t want my blog to look like everyone elses!

Am gearing up for my Kyabram workshops starting in Feb, have made a few of the workshops and started a few more.  Must get the photo’s up here.  I sent off my 2H workshop submission and I designed another 2H workshop too.  See I have been a busy gal.  I’ve been reading all my books from the library and getting tons of ideas for projects.  I have made a rather ambitious goal of designing and submitting one workshop per month this year – do you think I can do it?  If I manage my time properly it should be ok.  If I fail it won’t be for lack of ideas let me tell you.

Another goal is to take more photos.  Since having to make all these workshop samples I’ve discovered that I don’t have enough appropriate photos to use.

And one more scrap related goal or resolution as you might call it is to keep my scrap studio neat and tidy at all times.  It makes such a huge difference to getting things done.  So far so good on that front.  Over the holidays I put a small bookcase in the studio and re-arranged my desk top so now I have more space in which to work.  I also changed the blinds and curtains and took down all the bits of paper blue tacked to the walls.  It looks so much brighter and bigger.  A good space in which to create.

I almost forgot one of the most important goals is to improve this blog, keep it up to date and post more regularly.  Let’s start with 2 posts per week with photos and build on that.  I know twice a week is not much but considering the frequency of my posts lately it IS an improvement!

Keep an eye or an ear out for a very exciting, huge huge huge Kaszazz New Product Release that will be happening around the 19th of this month.  let me jut say that you will not be dissapointed.  I can’t wait to get my hands on all the new goodies.

Back soon



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