new workshops

2 Feb

Golly gee where did the week go to?  I had a lovely extra long weekend off thanks to Australia Day and my nice boss, Saturday through Wednesday!  It was great, Mum came over for a visit.  We did some shopping but generally just puttered around as it’s been soooo hot.  It’s been over 40 degrees celcius for the last couple of days and predicted to continue through the weekend.  Yikes!  I did snaffle some delicious mushroom print fabric from Spotlight at only $5 per metre, should I have bought more?

Kaszazz have just added a plethora of new workshops and guess what?  Yes my two workshop submissions made it in!  Hooray for me.  The workshops are 2H176 First Christmas Trifold and 2H184 Family Brag Book Mini Album.  I am just waiting for Kaszazz to upload the new workshops to their on line flyer then I will post a link.  How very exciting – I should have some Kaszazz vouchers coming my way very soon, bonus.

This week I have sent in 3 Make and Take submissions and I just realised right this minute that I forgot to take photo’s of them, darn it.  I have two of them made for myself already so I can photograph those but the third I will just have to make another sample and hope it turns out as perfect as the one I sent in!

This Saturday I am doing my Team Training with a bunch of other consultants who weren’t able to make the official day.  We will be making some of the new workshops that were releases with the new products.  I will pop some pictures up here very soon.

Stay tuned



update: another weekend gone too!  Training was fantastic, met some new consultants and did some business training, and made two of the new workshops using the brand new stamps and papers – just gorgeous!

Watch this space for my NEW product highlight section!  Over the next few months I will post about a feature product with info, tips and examples of how to use it to help you choose the right product with confidence.  There is a lot of scrapbooking and card making supplies out there and I’d like to help you find your way so you can buy quality products that suit your needs.  It’s so easy to spend a small fortune on scrapping supplies that you may never use – hey I’ve been there myself.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a guide when I first started paper crafting so I’ve learnt the hard way!  Now I’m with Kaszazz I have this fantastic opportunity to help others with their crafting and this is what motivates me the most.  I’ll never tell you that you HAVE to buy a certain product but I WILL try to inform you as best I can so YOU can make the right choice for yourself.  This is my promise to you.

until next time



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