random bits

14 Feb
  • Many of you would know we have been ravaged by fires here in Victoria and the death toll is high.  Fortunately my family and friends have not been affected so I am very gratefull for that.
  • There’s also been big floods up north.
  • Before the fires we were suffering a two week long heat wave.  I have never experienced anything like that in my life.  It was horrible not being able to cool down for so many days in a row.  It was especially hard on the puppies.
  • as a result of said heatwave the banner picture of my pretty little flowers is all that’s left of them!  Yes they totally frizzled up even with lots of water.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, I hope you are all able to spend some time today with those you love.  James and I use Valentine’s as our official anniversay date – it’s a little early but so close it doesn’t matter.  Three years has flown by.
  • I made a chocolate ripple cake aka zebra cake for our anniversary dinner tonight.  I know my mum used to make them now and then but I don’t recall ever making one myself.  They are so easy it’s stupid.  If you have kids this would be a great cake to make with them as everything is cold; I can imagine it may make quite a mess though.
  • I have had my 3 Make and Take submissions accepted so a sneak peek might be in order.  As yet they haven’t been published on the Kaszazz website so I’m hesitant to reveal all – I must clear this up one day.
  • On March the 1st which is a Sunday there will be a massive fund raising crop day (in Shepparton) for the fire victims appeal.  We will be running workshops, giving things away, drawing prizes and all proceeds will go to the appeal.  You can also just come along and bring all your own projects to work on too; we will have a special area set up just for this.  Email or leave a comment if you’d like more info.
  • I need a gardener.  Our lawns look like a jungle and there’s weeds all over the place!   Our mower broke and we no longer have a whipper snipper so things are looking crazy.
  • I have a winner for the challenge competition – I will put a special post up shortly.
  • I think that’s everything out the top of my head right now.

Thanks for tunning in



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