Back to online craft escapades!

19 Apr

Hello folks

I made it back alive from the no-internet world.  It just goes to show how much we depend in the (I’m tired see random below) on the web these days – when your connection is down it’s like the end of the world for some people.  Not so much for me but I do prefer it working that’s for sure.


This Saturday we had Kaszazz Consultant training with the lovely Deanne and Sharynne.  It’s always great to catch up with the other consultants too, a special shout out to Jess, Cathy and Julie-ann howdy girls!  Don’t ask me why I’m writing with a US accent, it may have something to do with James watching Amercian Choppers at full noise.  I think he’s a little hard of hearing these days. 

Back to the training…We used the Curvy Cutter for the 2H079 Gelati Circle-It workshop.  The Curvy Cutter ahh cuts circles.  Was that obvious?  Hee hee.  I’ve had mine for a very long time, since acheiving my TIP (target incentive program) when I joined, however I’m embarrassed to admit this was the first time it came out of it’s packaging.  After getting over the fear of using it I found it to be surprising simple to use.  It does require a glass cutting mat which we do sell so that’s on my next wishlist now.  The layout is very easy once you’ve had a go at cutting circles and become comfortable with the cutter.  I didn’t have photo’s to finish mine so no picture posting for you at this stage.  Don’t worry I’ll make sure it doesn’t get lost in the back of the cupboard like some ahem workshop projects have!

I’d like to mention to you all that we have a National Training Day coming up in May and if you are at all interested in or considering joining Kaszazz you are more than welcome to come along.  Here’s the details…

Date: Saturday May 16th 2009

Time: 10am til 4pm

Place: Shepparton (venue to be announced)

Cost: $30

What it’s all about: It’s all about fun really!  There will be an excting May new products release (see it before anyone else does) and we will complete two brand new workshops; one card making, one scrapbooking.  There will be a business presentation which is always inspiring and you will get to meet and mingle with lots of other consultants throughout the day.  You will also get a FREE gift to say thanks for coming.

RSVP: There isn’t much time to dilly dally on this one so let me know if you’d love to come by April 26th.

BYO: We always bring our tool kit which is your basic tools like paper trimmer, adhesives, scissors and so on.  Don’t worry if yours aren’t from Kaszazz, we will let you off the hook and if you don’t have a basic tool kit just let me know and I’ll lend you everything you need for the day.  You can choose to bring your lunch or pop down to the nearly shop to grab something.  Tea and coffee will be provided.

It’s a great day out with the girls and super value (2 workshops for $30) and there is no pressure to join afterwards if you decide it’s not for you.  Don’t get me wrong I would love you to join my team but only if it’s right for you.  So what are you waitin’ for?  Give me a call on 0400 576 190 or email me your details at krismarr(at)iprimus(dot)com(dot)au and start getting excited!


Well I’ve submitted that 5PQ that I was talking about a few posts back, can’t wait to hear if it’s been accepted.  I’m really proud of it, they 5 projects just look soooo good, not to brag or anything ha.  Now I’m keen to get started on a few more creations.  In the meantime though I whizzed up a cute little card for a cute little girls birthday on Saturday and now I’m thinking it would make a great Mate & Take project…

bfly-mt The colour is a bit funky and I don’t know if you mind the softened edges or not but it’s a cute little card right?  Pretty quick and easy, great for a last minute “oops I forgot to make a card” moment.  Oh and that’s my new butterfly punch I got in my order the other day.  I love punches.

And this is one I whipped up a few days back.  It’s me and little Cooper showing off our chubby cheeks.  He may outgrow his but I certainly didn’t!  (sorry about the flash spot still learing how to erase unsightly areas in elements).


So what do you think?  Honestly?  It’s a totally different look that my usual and I’m still unsure about it myself…there’s a lot of white…hmmmm?  All products used are available through me from Kaszazz of course!  Loving those shield pages.

I got lots of goodies in that order, new star stamps both 2step and 3 step, the love and cherish set and some more paint dabbers; pink sherbet and pearl which looks amazing.  Will have to make time for a play with everything.

Just realised I never posted a photo of my Family Mini Brag Book workshop that was accepted and published by Kaszazz…ta  da



It’s small enough to fit in your handbag to show off your loved ones awwwwww. 


  • Have been going to bed earlier and earlier lately – does that happen to anyone else when the weather turns?  Am sitting her at 7.26pm yawning.  So sad.
  • STILL have not sewn anything eeek.
  • Am reading New Moon and just getting to an exciting bit with Jacob and wolves.  I’ll say no more.
  • Just finished reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad which I originally thought was aimed at Dad’s making money hee hee.  It’s a fantastic read if you’re into creating your own wealth, making your money work for you and so on.  Very inspiring stuff.  Another book I love that has helped me immensley both spiritually and financially is called Prosperity.  It’s an aussie book and funny to read but the lessons on positive thinking alone are worth getting the book for.  I continue to re read it often.
  • Told you this list was random!!!
  • Had KFC for dinner tonight, James shout.  it wasn’t as greasy as it usually is ha ha.
  • The puppies are sleeping ON the pillow on the spare bed in my scrap room and snoring their little heads off.  No shame.
  • Am loving bloglines, best invention for time saving on the web go check it out if you’re addicted to blogs it WILL change your life.
  • that’s about all folks


see you on the flip side



4 Responses to “Back to online craft escapades!”

  1. Sharynne Greening April 19, 2009 at 10:18 pm #

    love the LO….. Hope it is being submitted….

    • krismakes April 20, 2009 at 12:52 pm #

      …so “Page & Card” you’re thinking? Haven’t submitted one of those yet. Now you’ve got me thinking!

  2. Sharynne Greening April 23, 2009 at 8:03 pm #

    Page N card would be good love. Hope to see it soon… Oh and if i have time, would love to test it for you.


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    […] make a birthday card and naming day card for little Cooper […]

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