after a hard day…

23 Apr

Note to self :: do NOT attempt to eat crumbly homemade treat while blogging.  Second note to self :: vacuum keyboard!


Ah this afternoon was a doosy.  I’d had a good run of happiness lately but today the grumpies came to visit.  So here I sit, treat gone, glass of wine waiting, talking to you dear reader.  If you’ve had a cruddy day this might cheer you up…


The Poser aka Bella Marr-Gunn

How could you be upset when you come home to such cuteness?

Or perhaps you’ve had a Ruddy day?  You aussies will know what I’m talkin’ about.  I passed Crossroads (clothing store)the other day and saw a cardboard cut out of Mr Rudd on rollerskates surrounded by disco balls.  It said Rudd-o-rama.  Hilarious!  I also love the little ruddy show on Rove, that laugh is too much.

Ahhh I feel heaps better now.  Thanks for listening.  if you’ve been by my blog the last few days you may have noticed some subtle changes.  I am trying to make it more user friendly and so I have been dealing with widgets (don’t ask).  I have a question for anyone who is an avid blog reader – what things (widgets) do you like to see on the side bar and in what order.  For example I like to see a little about me up top then links to other blogs, perhaps links to other pages etc and so on.

And hey it’s my birthday coming up and I’m thinking about doing a little something for you my awesome blog buddies.  This year I’ll be 34 oh my lord!  Hey it’s not so bad actually, I know it sounds old to you young fry but when you get here you’ll see it’s quite a pleasant age to be.  By this stage you are well and truly on the way to knowing yourself and what you want out of life.  And it feels great!  So stay tuned and I’ll figure out something special to do.


If you haven’t already checked out this blog then I think it’s high time you did!  Our very own melbournite Pip runs this fab blog with lots of helpful crafty info and she even has her own book hoorah.  I am thinking this could be my birthday present to myself (I’m not the only one who does that right?  Right?).

But now dear friends I must go as the typo’s are getting worse 




ps if anyone would like to spend their bonus payment on scrapping supplies you just give me a holler!!!


One Response to “after a hard day…”

  1. redoaklines April 24, 2009 at 3:02 pm #

    thanks for the kind words you left on my blog the other day! i totally appreciate it! i figure what the heck — that’s who i am, why be ashamed of it, right?!

    your pup is so frickn adorable! i love that photo. 🙂 can’t wait to see more pics of your pup!

    anyway, i’ll def be back to read up with what’s going on with you.


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