Magic Stamp Magic

24 Apr

Hello hello

I neglected to mention earlier what I got up to on my Wednesday off.  I’m making a habit of dropping in to Sharynnes for some scrappin fun each week and this Wednesday was no exception.  I used the magic stamp for the first time – rather exciting really.  I bought a pack of them about 5 months ago and they hadn’t even been opened yet. 

What on earth are magic stamps I hear you ask?  Basically they are a moldable foam.  You just use your heat gun to warm it up then quickly press it onto the shape you’d like to mold like a bunch of buttons, raffia/straw, old keys basically anything with a raised surface.  After that just ink up your new stamp and off you go.  The shape will hold until you re-heat the foam.  It really is amazing.

Sharynne and I worked on the Magic Stamp Jeans workshop changing it ever so slightly to incorporate a title.  Unfortunately I didn’t have photos to finish mine but if you head over here you can see Sharynnes example.  I stayed with the traditional blues while she girlied it up a notch with pinks.  I think it looks brilliant and I can’t wait to use the magic stamp again.

As you may have guessed I have a very long to-do list hee hee hee.  Perhaps with the forecasted rainy weekend I can abscond to the scrap studio?

til next time



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