birthday loot & layout

5 May

Well I had a wonderful birthday and thankyou to everyone who helped me celebrate!  It really was a week long birthday; James and I spent a nice quiet night in on the Tuesday with pizza and wine; on Wednesday I met Mum in Wangaratta for lunch and shopping; Thursday night James and I went to see a friend play at amatuer night at The Aussie; I scrapped with Sharynne, Katherine and Bernie on Friday night (see below) and I had an awesomely delicious brunch at Friars with my girlfriends on Sunday, with a visit to Savers afterwards!  Don’t you love stretching out a birthday?  After all they only come once a year so we may as well make the most of them.


some of my b'day goodies

Thanks to my birthday I now have Twilight on dvd and the third book, Eclipse on my bedside table yay.  A while ago I saw some t-shirts at Supre that said…”I kissed a vampire and I liked it” and “I love Jacob”, hmmm maybe if I was still in highschool!  I can’t believe what a phenomenon it’s turned into, a bit like Harry Potter mania.  I just think it’s fabulous that books can still excite people, I love books.  Speaking of which I was in Angus and Robertson on Sunday and came accross their top 100 books and was pleasantly surprised that I can tick a few off.  I’m planning on taking the list to the library next time I need a good read.  You can check out the list here.  How many have you read?

Now here’s a layout I managed to finish with photos hurahh.  On Friday we did the Freestyle Flower SB workshop and I really love the way it turned out, so fresh and modern.  I took photo’s of us scrapping on the night and then used them to finish the layout, sneaky huh?  This layout also looks great in other colour combo’s too.

Freestyle Flower Workshop

Freestyle Flower Workshop

I’ve got more photos ready to finish some layouts so you should see a bunch of completed workshops up here very soon.  About time eh?

Don’t forget the giveaway is still going, leave a comment on that post before midnight tonight for a chance to win the goodies!

Kris xox


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  1. Devin May 15, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    I realize I’m quite late, but..


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