Revisiting Friday Fives

20 May

After a special request [thankyou Katherine] I have decided to bring back Friday Fives with a few little changes.

They will be now be known as Firday Fives.  Due to increasingly bad spelling errors while typing I always seem to get my letters mixed about.  I don’t know if it’s old age or dyslexia but Friday always ends up on the page as Firday and I’ve actually come to like this new word.  It conjures up cute little drawings of (fir) trees and small creatures.  Ok now that you think I’m totally mad…

So this is the basic rundown

1. Food glorious food; this could be something I’ve eaten, cooked, baked, seen a new recipe for, a favorite etc you get the picture right?

2. Music; oldies, newies and everything else inbetween.

3. Books/tv/movies/games

4. a gizmo, gadget, thing or product

5. a cool/interesting/creative/funny website or blog

The week will run Friday to Thursday with the post on Friday.  As time goes by these catergories may overlap each other but that’s all good.  We’re not going for some strict list or anything like that.  Now I do invite all of you, my dear readers to participate by jotting down their own Firday Fives in the comments section below each post.  I would love to know what they are!  And who knows, we may even enrich each others lives.

Ok see you on firday



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