Skipping out

21 May

Howdy everyone

I am not posting a mister card today, boo hoo I know.  I am finding it a bit of a struggle keeping up to tell you the truth.  I never thought it would take so long to come up with a card but when you are starting from scratch, trying to use a product in a new or innovative way all the while wanting to be original…phew it’s hard!  Even if I were to be sneaky and make all 5 cards in one sitting, I would have to find that chunk of time to do it.  So from now on I’ve decided to just play along with the blog wars when I can; no promises of a card a day and hopefully it go back to being enjoyable for me rather than another “task” on my to-do list.  I mean it feels really out of control when I’m running home from work at lunch time so that I can work on a card or take a photo in the light.  That’s just crazy and really who needs more crazy in their lives?  Certainly not me!

So I am feeling a little lighter of spirit by taking a more casual approach.  And if my stats go down because people aren’t checking in every day for the new project well so be it, there’s more to life than blog stats.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the bloging world and loose sight of everyday life.  Does anyone else sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all?

I’ve also been thinking a bit about this blog being Kaszazz exclusive.  It’s been great but a little restrictive so now I’m thinking of mixing it up a bit.  I do scrap with other products and it would be nice to also share those projects with you too.  It would round out the blog a little more.  What do you think?  Your thoughts are important and I’d like to know your opinions on this?

Anyhoo now that I’ve bored you tears I will go.

bye bye now



One Response to “Skipping out”

  1. Gab May 22, 2009 at 11:54 am #

    I think it’s a good idea Kris, including other products in your blog

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