firday fives 220509

22 May

Welcome back!

  1. I am so going to make a Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie thanks to Fuji Mama, it looks soooooo goooood I’m drooling.  A few things I’ll be doing different; couldn’t find a deep dish pie case so trying out frozen short crust to make my own; the choc morsels will be Cadbury choc chips!  I don’t think my tummy will mind…
  2. “All I want” by Sarah Blasko, ohmyGOD such an awesome song.  That voice, that music.  Love it.  Turn it up LOUD in the car and sing your heart out.  The guitar reminds me of that twangy Nancy Sinatra number from Kill Bill.  Can’t find a you tube video for All I Want but you can go here for Nancy’s Bang Bang.  There was also a totally wicked remix done a few years ago, check it out too.  Must listen to a bit more of Sarah’s stuff methinks.  Ok deviating…
  3. Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice together.  Fab.  Even though most epsiodes almost make me cry.
  4. I am lurving the new exclusive Kaszazz paper range ‘World Traveller”.  Cool collages of oldy worldy travel paraphenalia.  So many posibilities.  Check them out on page 39.
  5. If you love food, cooking, baking or just looking at pretty pictures of food please visit smitten kitchen.  A very yummy blog.


Don’t forget to fill out your firday fives in the comments!

adios amigos



2 Responses to “firday fives 220509”

  1. Loretta August 26, 2009 at 12:11 am #

    I saw a recent comment that you left on the fujimama blog about being given a recipe for green tomato tsukemono.
    I’d be very grateful if you could share it – I’d very much like to learn more about it (I’m sure it is delicious!)
    Thank you!

    • krismakes August 26, 2009 at 3:32 pm #

      Hi Loretta I haven’t tried it out yet but will post it up soon so stay tuned!

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