i heart etsy

26 May

If you haven’t checked out etsy yet then you really should!  It’s for crafters and artists to sell their handmade goods and the talent is awesome.  Here’s a few things that one may discover whilst browsing [and don’t be misled by the US dollar prices; most sellers post internationally and there are many aussies artists who will give you an aussie dollar price too].

New to SALE - Clippies in Grin

source:: little lesiw

Girls Rock - Perfect for a new baby girl or your girlfriends

source:: modernemotive

Lemon Lotus Necklace - SPECIAL SALE

source:: silver dot jewelry designs

Family Tree. vintage summer.

source:: sarahjanestudios

Pink Flower - Zipper Pouch with Clip (New style)

source:: charmdesign

Handpainted breakfast mug and plate - Amsterdam Cats

source:: house of harriet

The FAMOUS CHLOE Vintage Inspired Black and White Damask Full Apron

source:: boojiboo

H E M P colorful cuff

source:: adripratt

Elk Vinyl Wall Decal

source:: circle line studio

I swear you could easily devote yourself to only buying handmade without sacrificing anything.  And like me after browsing etsy for a while you may just feel inspired to go make your own little creation, hurrah!




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