quick hello

4 Jun

Yes dear friends it will only be brief but I promise I’ll be back again as soon as I have things under control.  I am very busy working on some secret projects right now, they are so secret that I can’t even show you photos yet!  I’m really happy with what I’ve made so far, just hope the recipient likes it!

This Friday night is of course our monthly crop night at Sharynnes place.  We will be testing out a new workshop designed by one of our fellow consultants. I also have my night planned out to make some gifts for my Aunt who will celebrate her 60th birthday this weekend.  That’s not so secret {I’m fairly sure she doesn’t read my blog or get on the internet that much…I hope!} so I’ll be able to post photos of those creations.  I am looking forward to catching up with my family and friends in Myrtleford this weekend.  And hurrah it’s a long weekend….God save the Queen hee hee!

I was looking at Kaszazz reports the other day and saw that Katherine, my downline and sister-in-law had a fantastic month.  She only did two parties but her sales were excellent and she got workshop bookings from them too.  Congrats Katherine, you are doing so well!

This week on Blog Wars the girls are tackling “Once was White”, it’s not so much a product of the week more a technique I guess you’d say.  I would love to participate but time is scarce around here right now.  Maybe I’ll whip something up Friday night!  Anyway go check out what they’ve been creating for this challenge, links are over to the right.

I did say this was going to be short…so I’d better go now



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