firday fives 5.06.09

5 Jun
  1. Break out the slow cooker people, it’s cold enough to justify it.  Well if you live in Australia; I guess some of you may be busting out the bbq or grill as it’s affectionately know in the USA.  But I’m cold so I made this soup in the crock pot and it was sooooo good.  Just make sure to chop your veg into itty bitty pieces otherwise like me you will realise too late when you’ve already put the pasta in and cooking it longer will make it a bit mushy BUT it was still delicious!  James thought it would make a great sauce for lasagne, I tend to agree.
  2. Triple J are taking votes for the Hottest 100 of All Time!  How awesome yet daunting, I wouldn’t know where to begin narrowing it down.  So much brilliant music out there.  I found it fun to read the top 10’s of muso’s like Missy Higgins, Silver Chair, Josh Pike, Powderfinger and Triple J hosts.  Lots of old classics in there.  One of my all time faves is California Dreaming by The Mama’s and the Papa’s.  I’ve always loved that song.  What’s your top ten songs of all time?  Pop them in the comments for me!
  3. I am a fan of  The Cook and the Chef on the ABC.  Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant work brillantly together in this easy to watch, simple yet inspiring cooking show.  James and I love it when we happen to catch an episode (we don’t live life via the tv guide – we just wing it!).  Have also been enjoying Master Chef Australia although the dragging out of every elimination/challenge winner/loser and the repetitiveness after coming back from an ad break is sending me to the nut house.
  4. I’m thinking coffee machines.  The only type we currently own is a french press, which technically I suppose is not a machine?  I’m ruminating on wether we should just get a drip machine because those esspresso/cappucino machines seem like too much work!  For something that costs so much money I would want it to clean itself hee hee.  It would be lovely to have lattes and such on tap but a drip machine is so much cheaper arrgghhhh.  What do you coffee drinkers out there think?  What do you own and do you use it ALL the time?  I had a bizzare thought that I might be able to claim a coffee machine on’s for my customers when they come to scrap right?  It’s all too confusing.  Really.
  5. I’m not a member but I do subscribe to their free newsletter; simple savings is a great site to help save you money.  I’m thinking about paying the low membership fee as you can access all the savings tips etc in the vault section.  Hey I’m not too proud to say I enjoy saving money.  That’s more I can spend on craft supplies!

Happy Firday


ps. don’t forget to comment or link to your firday fives on your blog!


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