still here

11 Jun

Please excuse my absence of late.  I have been hard presed to find any time to blog what with all the birthdays and travelling and such.  The weekend in Myrtelford was great.  We stayed at my Aunt’s spare house (?!) which was lovely as we had it all to ourselves, it made it really feel like we were on holidays.  Catching up with family was fun too and we took the puppy dogs with us for a change.  I’m happy to say they behaved themselves very well and there were no little accidents or incidents the whole trip!

This weekend we are back over there for a 21st.  Yes when it rains it pours, and if you live in NE Victoria this has been literal the past week.  So there’s hasn’t been any spare time for scrapping or crafting at all.  I haven’t even been able to work on my secret project!  I am hoping next week I will be back in the swing of things and be able to get some posts with photos up here so please bear with me.

In other news I have been successful in reconnecting with many old friends through facebook.  It’s quite amazing really.  It’s so much fun reminicsing about the daggy high school years!

til next time


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