I’m back…hurrah

25 Jun

It’s been so long since I’ve posted I don’t know where to begin…

I guess I should show you those photos of the present I made for my aunts 60th a few weeks back.

Here’s the card and tag created by Katherine…

irena-cardand the keepsake album by moi…


and inside the album where you can write messages and add photos.  The scribbly bits are from 1.y.o. Cooper!


Sorry the photo quality isn’t too good, I took them at the venue.  I forgot to photograph the clock so will make sure I take my camera next trip to Myrtleford!

The album came out just perfectly.  It did take a lot of time so I enlisted the help of my fellow scrappers Katherine and Sharynne to assist with making the matching card and clock – thanks ladies I truly could not have done it without you!  As you can see I used the Kaszazz Ebony and Ivory paper range for these projects.  I still love that range, it’s fantastic for that sophisticated, elegant look.  The actual album, scroll and pearls are Kaiser, an Australian scrapping brand.  I think the two brands blend seamlessly.  If you are looking for Kaiser products I may know someone who can help you out :: more on that later!  My aunt loved them and I think I impressed many family members too, maybe I have started a tradition here?  We had a fabulous dinner at the Happy Valley Hotel, if you ever eat there try the caramelised onion and marinated feta specialty bread…to. die. for.  Some of Irena’s old friends were there so it was great for them to be able to write messages in the album too.  A great success.

I’m still working on the “secret project” and I still can’t reveal what it is yet.  All I can say is it’s super cute.  Unfortunately it’s taking me longer to complete due to being busy with classes, travelling and the darn flu.  Now don’t worry it wasn’t swine flu {eek, or is that oinkkk!} just the regular ol’ seasonal flu but geez did it knock me about.  I felt feverish for four days straight!  The good news is I am on the up and up so I should be back to regular posting now.  And I must say I have missed writing for you dear reader.

Not much else happening scrapwise due to low energy levels but now my spark is on it’s way back I’m feeling that old creative urge again so stay tuned.  And apologies for no firday fives last week but as a bonus I will have two this week – mine and a guest post yippee, can you guess who it will be?

Ah it feels great to be back friends!

Kris xox


One Response to “I’m back…hurrah”

  1. Sharynne Greening June 26, 2009 at 3:10 pm #

    OOOhhhh, i wander who it is that can help with kaisercraft purchases.

    The book looks gorgeous as did my clock. Cant wait to see a pic of it.

    Ok cathc up soon, im still hanging to see what this secret project is. I might have to take a sneek peek if I’m allowed.


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