Blog Wars – Black {day 3}

1 Jul

Hello folks

here is my project for today (in case you were wondering I did miss yesterdays!) a quick and simple little card using my new butterfly stamp.


I must say I do love this stamp and judging by the many times I’ve seen it used, so does everyone else!  The black card is actually gloss, hard to see I know, and I love the way the bright blue calms down a bit when used with just black.  It is super bright on it’s own!  A little tip if using glossy accents with gloss card – don’t press too hard or your embellishment will squeeze out the glossy accents and it is noticeable on gloss card.  Even worse your embellishment may fly across your desk if you are heavy handed!  I’ve done a subtle edging with black chalk around the blue base card to tone it down even more.  Oh and the specks you see on the butterfly are actually ice stickles.

Gotta run and work on the “secret project”.




One Response to “Blog Wars – Black {day 3}”

  1. Sharynne July 1, 2009 at 6:36 pm #

    OOOOhhhhhhh, my butterfly stamp!!! Yes i know, its not MINE!! but im sure i have one the same…anyway chicky, looks great.

    Cant wait to see what you have in store with the rest of the week.


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