firday fives – 3.07.09

3 Jul

1. Well this isn’t food exactly…but I’ve been reading La Fuji Mama’s blog a lot and seeing all the great things she’s been able to make with her breadmaker; jam, meatloaf, oh and bread of course!  I used to have a bread maker but I only ever made loaves using the bread mixes rather than compiling my own ingredients.  But nowwwwww, well I’m thinking about getting one again.  One thing I would love to make is bagels.  I know I could make them from hand but surely a breadmaker would be easier?  When I was in the states I loved eating bagels, and there was so much variety, not like here in oz, sigh.


2. I can’t not mention Michael Jackson after his sudden passing.  I am a fan of his music and I think he was one of the most talented entertainers many of us will ever bear witness to in our lifetime.  I did feel sorry for him as he obviously had many personal problems but somehow he managed to pull it all together when it came to his music.  I wouldn’t be surprise if he used music and entertaining as a kind of therapy.  We all know how therapuetic is it when you’re “creating”.  Anyway it’s really really hard to pin down one favorite song of his as there’s so many I love, so I’m not going to!  I do remember seeing the clip below in all it’s glory on Rage when I was a youngster and I thought it was the coolest music video ever.  I would love to hear what your fave MJ song is, leave a comment below.

3. I may have already mentioned this but as I have finished the series I feel compelled to post about again.  Last night I finished reading Breaking Dawn.  WOW.  That’s all I can say.  WOW!  Now if we could just jump ahead and see the movie version of this book that would be amazing.  So where to from here?  I’ve had another series reccommened to me, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare but I think I need to read something totally different for a while first!  I have some books I picked up at a garage sale ages ago that are beging to be read, so I’ll make a dint in those first.


4. In my rollercoaster ride of trying to be green I bought some liquid castile soap the other day.  It’s all natural and is multi purpose so I’m looking forward to putting it to the test.  I decided that although I want to be green and enviro friendly/healthy etc I need to take baby steps first because when you start reading about all the bad stuff it can really do your head in!  So I think the key is to implement changes slowly rather than have a breakdown and toss almost every belonging in your house because it’s toxic.  Does anyone else feel overwhelmed when it comes to being green?


5. I am loving the blog of Young House Love right now.  It’s got everything I love; house/room make overs; green info; design tips and lots more.  Plus they are a super cute cute young couple indeed!  *Edited – they had to change their name because of a greedy big corporation; read all about it here.





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