Grays Anatomy Scrapping

5 Jul

Ok so every Thursday night I get comfy and sit down to watch Grays Anatomy and Private Practice.  That’s 2 solid hours of tv viewing.  I try not to watch too much tv but I am really drawn to these two shows and I just can’t help it.  I decided last session that instead of just sitting there feeling guilty I would try a little scrapping.  Now to make it easier to do while I sat on the couch I got out my old trusty breakfast tray (which just happened to fit a 12×12 page) and limited myself to; 1 pc cardstock, 2pcs patterned paper, scissors, super tape, a small embellishment pack, a piece of ribbon and my old sticker/rub ons folder.


I will mention now that none of these items are Kaszazz but I really wanted to get out some of my old supplies that I hardly ever use anymore and do something different.  I get a lot of inspiration from Sarah at Red Oak Lines, as she does a lot of modern single photo layouts and I love that style.  So it’s pretty basic but I must admit that I am very happy with the outcome.  So I watched while I scrapped and it was finished in only one hour, which makes me think if I get organised next time I could do two in that one sitting.  So how’s that for multi tasking?  And now I no longer feel guilty about watching the tube!  So tell me do you do anything while watching tv?  My mum often knits or crochets with the telly on.  It just feels great to be productive and relax at the same time.

Happy Sunday



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