firday fives 10.07.09

10 Jul

1. Mmmm earlier in the week I made this linguine with zucchini and smoked trout and it was delish!  A few changes; I didn’t have dill and I added some camembert cheese in at the end.  The zesty lemon was a great contrast to the fattiness of the fish.

2. Today I would like to say Happy Birthday to the late Nikola Tesla who is credited as being the true inventor of the radio!  Where would we be without the radio?  It’s the main way I get my music fix so thank you Mr Tesla.  He is a very interesting historical figure, a scientist and inventor, he first came to my attention in the movie The Prestige [a brilliant movie, one of my faves] where he was portrayed by David Bowie. 

3. The other day when I was convalecsing (hurt my back – don’t worry it’s on the mend now) I watched Flicka.  Yeah I know it’s kind of a kids movie but it was really quite good, I even cried twice, I’m such a sucker.  Anyway I thought Tim McGraw did a bang up job as the dad.  So if you find yourself looking for something to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon give it a go.  I found the scene where they catch the mustang along the cliff edge reminding me of the movie Australia (which came after Flicka) I wonder if that’s where they got the idea from?

4.  I bought one of these recently:: ecosilk bag.  It’s a reusable bag made from recyclable nylon parachute silk and can carry up to 13kg in weight!  It rolls up really small and is so light weight that you can toss it in your handbag and never be caught short at the shops again, plus it comes in purdy colours and looks much better than those bulky “green” bags.  I usually remember to take my green bags when I do the big grocery shop but all those other times I head to the shops I always forget so this is perfect.  I got mine from our local health food store but you can buy them from the internet too.  They are in the shape of a traditional plastic “singlet” bag so the check out peeps will love ’em!  oh and did I mention they are 100% Aussie made and owned?  Yay!  Next on my buy list is reusable produce bags; stay tuned.

5.  Here’s a link to a very interesting post about going shampoo free.  I found it via angry chicken who has been “poo free” for quite some time now and is very happy about it.  I am tempted to try it out in my effort to go green and eliminate some toxins from my life!  I’ll let you know how it goes.


Happy firday everybody!



One Response to “firday fives 10.07.09”

  1. Sharynne July 12, 2009 at 4:16 pm #

    So the videos worked then?? Hope you enjoyed them…
    Talk soon

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