Blog Wars – Embossing }#2

12 Aug

Howdy again

I’ve got those photos ready of the workshop I was telling you about earlier.  It’s called Bahama Treasured Memories Cards and it’s a 2 hour workshop featuring embossing, stamping, paper punching and paint dabbers.  It used the stamp set Treasured Memories which I think would have to be one of our most popular stamps sets, and with good reason; these stamps are just so darn versatile and feature on many of our Kaszazz workshops.  Take a look…




Aren’t they just divine?  That Bahama bazzill is a gorgeous shade of blue and the other day I realised I have a handbag and a top in almost exactly the same shade!  You know you’ve gone off the scrapbooking deep end when you start seeing bazzill cardstock colours in everyday life ha ha!  Sorry the photos aren’t larger I don’t know what is going on with wordpress; I only shrunk them 20% when I saved them for the web yet once uploaded they are sooo small.  I will have to play around with that a bit more perhaps.

Catch you ’round like a rissole!



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