Weekend layouts

17 Aug

So it’s back to the grind today!  Hope you all had restfull and relaxing wekends?  Here’s some of my creations from the weekends that I promised to show you…

Photos from my twenty first birthday with all my old friends – some of whom I have been lucky to reconnect with through Facebook!  Hi guys!!!


I have come to the conclusion that before I start printing of more recent photos I really need to do something with all the old ones I have boxed up.  Problem is when you look at those old daggy, badly taken photos you really don’t feel like dedicating a layout to them.  Well I’m starting to get over that; I mean who cares if you look silly (it was years ago right?) and does it really matter if the photos are a bit blurry or out of focus?  It’s the memories we are trying to capture – not perfection!!!  And scrapping old photos really does bring back a flood of memories and usually a lot of laughs.


This layout is of my unit when I lived in Albury way back in 1996.  I used to live by myself mostly and I loved it; I think enjoying my own company comes from being an only child, you don’t rely on other people to make you happy.  Plus it’s kinda luxurious doing whatever you want whenever you want and having things “just so”.


Can you see I was in a red, black and white groove when I made these?  This one is from my friends 18th, we went to Dracula’s Theatre Restaurant and had an absolute ball.  I love theatre restaurants they are so much fun.

me at 18

And then for something completely different I went green!  I like the simplicity of this layout, the colours are very soothing.  All my layouts were done using very little fancy technique but I am so happy I’ve started scrapping these memoires and they are much nicer to look at than a plain old dusty photo.  Product used were from various manufactures.

Sorry for the wonky looking pics but I am yet to find my special spot for taking photos of my work.  Also I think I might try using flicker to store and upload my photos so then you can click over there to see the lot of them.

Ok next post will be for the Blog Wars Challenge; we have some new members too so to check out their creations click the links under Blog War Gals!



3 Responses to “Weekend layouts”

  1. Sharynne August 17, 2009 at 12:13 pm #

    WOW… you have been busy, Love the layouts, and yes i am the same. i have all these old photos packed away for no one to see cause it was before i learnt how to take a photo properly or had a camera that was of quality. Anyway, love what you have done. Look forward to seeing your blog war creations this week.

  2. Deanne Brown August 17, 2009 at 12:28 pm #

    Love them Kris! I really need to do some of my old ones but have to go back through the negatives to scan a lot of them as the photos have lost quality from being in those old style adhesive albums. Must get back on to that job!!! Well done, keep em coming!

  3. Amy Sutton August 17, 2009 at 6:51 pm #

    These are awesome Kris, Love them!! U have inspired me!!!

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