shiny new things

9 Oct

Well it’s been a fantabulous week for spoiling myself.  Take a look at these goodies…

1. My new mobile; it’s a 6700 Classic Nokia.  My old XpressMusic was dying and the contract was almost up so the nice people at Virgin Mobile waived the small payout fee left and sent me this beauty on Monday.  I have to say I have been with Virgin for umm about 4 or 5 years now and they are great.  I’ve never had any issues, the people are nice and helpful and I’ve had coverage in places where James’  Telstra network hasn’t.  Anyhoo the 6700 is a nice, simple phone as I don’t really use my mobile much except for messaging and the occasional call.  It has a 5 megapixel camera which is quite good compared to the other phones out there.  Now I just need to load up on some groovy ringtones!

2. I finally bought something off the aussie version of etsy.  I had earmarked these two as favorites for a while and they arrived in my letterbox on Tuesday.  I love them love them love them.  Did I mention how much I love them?  How pretty are those earings?  And how cool is the necklace – it’s perfect for me being as indecisive as I am hee hee.  I got them from Gillian at Eclectic moi and she was so helpful and prompt sending my goodies.  They arrive in lovely packaging and with a few little surprises.  I can highly reccomend Gillian as a seller.  Go check out her jewelry, it’s all so exquisite and her photos are wayyy better than mine.  And yes I will be buying more!




3. Now some of you may not see the excitement in this one but I’ve never been happier to do the vacuuming!  A week or two ago my old vac broke (yes I have been living with dust bunnies everywhere) and Wednesday I bit the bullet and bought a new one…..ermmm…two.  Yes I bough two vacuums but wait let me explain!  I had been thinking about getting a little dust buster type thing for those inbetween vacuums, you know the scenario; visitors on their way and no time to drag out the big vacuum or your partner wore his work boots inside and now there’s little dirt piles here and there…need I go on?  So that’s why I bought the Ergorapido – fancy name huh?  It’s pretty cool as it has a detachable hand held on it too.  I will have to report back on it’s performance as it’s busy charging before it’s first use.


Now the Miele Cat and Dog is awesome!  I had to have a lot of therapy to overcome my fears of spending so much on a vacuum but I reasoned that since the housework needs to be done why not have decent tools?  I used it as soon as I got it home yesterday and whoa does that thing SUCK!  I nearly did my shoulder in trying to vac the carpet but luckily there is a power adjustment for different jobs.  My floors have never been so clean (well they still need a wash but you know what I mean right?).  I love my vacuum.  Did I just say that?  And I have to say that the most pleasant customer service experience during this adventure was at Harvey Norman with a lovely staff member called Richard, which is where I ended up purchasing both vac’s.  The other two sales people I dealt with (at Retravision and Godfreys) could really do with some polishing of their customer service skills.  I had to mention this as I am big on customer service (after working in retail many years) and bad service is a real bone of contention with me.  So if you want a new vac go see Richard at Harvey Norman Shepparton!!!


4. Oh I almost forgot I got a new haircut too 🙂


I got a little arty with the photo!  I know not exactly a craft post but hey I never said this blog was exclusive lol!  So have you spoilt yourself lately?  Are you also in love with your vacuum?  Do you also loathe bad customer service?  Received any good service lately?  I want to hear all about it – leave me a comment below.

Happy Friday



3 Responses to “shiny new things”

  1. Devin October 11, 2009 at 2:42 pm #

    Oh, Kris. I hope you are going to do a full write up on that vacuum. I need something small like that for our stairs and all the other uses you mentioned.

    I love your new ‘do!

    • krismakes October 13, 2009 at 10:57 am #

      Devin – more info coming up soon. I heart the ergo!!!

  2. Gillian October 11, 2009 at 2:45 pm #

    awwww….so thrilled you are so happy with your new pretties Kris 🙂
    hope you enjoy your earrings & necklace very much!

    love that cutie little vacuum, and love the ‘arty’ photo of your new hair do 🙂

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